It seems like we are in the middle of a mental health crisis. The number of people with mental disorders increases year on year, and the access to proper treatment and care is still highly limited. Part of the problem is that there are still many people waiting for a diagnosis. This is where artificial intelligence steps in. Technology is being developed to aid people, and now AI can identify mental disorders. This technology will benefit people greatly, as it is designed to identify a person’s mental state more precisely than with help from a psychiatrist.

There is an AI mobile app in development that will have you answer some questions or make you talk with your phone. You can expect to be asked about your emotional state or to tell a short story, and maybe listen to a story and repeat it. And finally, you can be given a touch-and-swipe motor skills tests to solve. Your answers will determine the current state of your mind. As sad as it is, psychiatrists predict that people will be willing to open up more talking to a machine than communicating with another human. The app is currently being tested.

What are the direct advantages of implementing this technology? Once the app detects that there is something wrong happening, it will notify your doctor immediately. This could save lives, as mental disorders are unpredictable, and you never know when a patient needs extra care. There are just not enough doctors to be able to check in on every patient as it is necessary. This technology is not aimed to replace doctors; it is designed to help healthcare work more efficiently.

Mental disorders identification is only one of the possible implementations of AI. There are already many devices infused with it. You can find such machines online in places like Inside Tech. Artificial intelligence is here to change our present and future for the better.