You cannot escape from EMFs. Electromagnetic fields occur naturally in our own bodies when our nerves and muscles use electricity to interact. They also result from changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. But while EMFs have been naturally present since the beginning of time, they have dramatically increased along with our increasing reliance on technology like cell phones and Wi-Fi.

Here we explain the dangers of EMF and what to do to protect yourself from exposure to this radiation.

Why is EMF Radiation Dangerous?

Electromagnetic fields impact our cells. They cause changes in our bodies. Many of these changes result in negative effects, including DNA damage. Studies show that long-term exposure to EMFs causes a range of serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, depression, and Alzheimer’s. Exposure to EMFs has been linked to premature ageing.

So, how can you beat the EMFs and get better EMF protection for yourself and your family?

  1. Buy EMF Cell Phone Protection

Cell phones are an important part of everyday life. We are reliant on these devices to communicate and manage our lives. But research shows that you absorb significant levels of radiation when you put your cell phone to your ear, or you have it in your pocket close to your body. Purchase a cell phone case or cover with built-in EMF protection. This acts as a block when you are using your phone or carrying it. It helps minimise your exposure to dangerous electromagnetic radiation from your phone.

  1. Avoid Body Contact With Phones and Computers

As well as purchasing cases for your phone and your computer, lower your EMF risk by keeping your devices away from your body when you are not using them, and also preferably when you are using them. For example, never put your phone in your pocket. Leave space between your head and your phone when you put it on your bedside table. And keep your laptop off your lap – put it on a table instead.

  1. Practice Earthing or Grounding

Detox yourself from exposure to EMFs by walking barefoot on the natural earth. This is a simple and effective way to soak up negatively charged earth electrons. By doing this, you remove pollution and heavy metals from the body. Try to walk without shoes or socks, on the earth, as often as you can. This may present a challenge in the city, but it is worth it to heal your body from the effects of radiation.

  1. Use Crystals for Healing

Crystals are said to help lower the impact of EMF exposure. Buy crystals from specialist EMF stores. Crystals possess many physical powers that help to lower the risk of disease from radiation in the natural environment and from manmade sources.

  1. Minimize WI-FI and Smart Meter Use

Switch your Wi-Fi router off when you are not using it. Plug it into a power strip so you can just click the button on and off when required. Reduce the use of smart meters. These devices emit intense pulses of radiation all day and night and are consequently dangerous in terms of EMF exposure.