When entering a love market, you should be aware of one thing: it’s not going to be easy. You will not always be able to understand whether you are a buyer or a product on the store shelf. Nothing is clear, especially if you try to get a girl of your dreams. 

Women like playing cruel little games, flirting and breaking our hearts. That’s why being with them is so exciting, and that’s why we love them so much! As you can understand, the chances of her telling you that she is into you are super low. 

She wants you to play a game with her and chase her. If you want to win this battle, you will have to learn how to ‘read women’. Yes, women are different, and every beautiful creature has her own ways… But they are some common methods most girls use to attract a guy. Here is a list of little tricks that can help you to understand that she is definitely into you: 

She touches you accidentally

‘Oops! Sorry! I didn’t mean to bump into you!’ – there is a chance that it was not an accident the other day; she might have done this on purpose! To figure this out, you should pay attention to her behaviour. If she tries to touch you (e.g., fix your tie or hair, give you a hug), it might be it!

This way, she tests the grounds to see whether you like her being close to you or not. So, next time you see her, initiate touch and see how she reacts. If she smiles and looks happy, she is definitely into you, man! 

She laughs at your jokes

According to experts at Beyond Ages, humour is the best indicator of a positive relationship. So, yes, if she really likes you, she will laugh even if your jokes are lame.

Moreover, once you are in the group together, she will look at your reaction first in case someone tells a joke. Who would do that unless they are in love?

She tilts her head

Some girls don’t only smile when they listen to their crush, but they also tilt their heads. Tilting head is a sign of trust and genuine interest. The thing is that a girl shows her neck (a vulnerable spot) when she tilts a neck, so don’t think she does this with every guy! 

Next time you talk to her, pay attention to her body language. Some people might show signs without even realizing it, and you need to know how to read them!

She leaves you wanting more

Some girls will never stop talking – about their dog, best friend who cheated on her partner, nasty colleagues, and pipes in her kitchen. A girl who wants you to chase her will not share all details of her day. She will keep a mystery and try to end every conversation on a positive note.

If she speaks about her personal problems and diseases, it means she trusts you and treats you as a friend. However, it’s not what you are looking for. 

In case you can’t stop thinking about her words and actions, it means she achieved her goal – you are on the hook!

She is nervous around you

Some people devolve into peak awkwardness when they meet someone they really like. So, don’t think she is silly only because she laughs nervously, acts weird and doesn’t know what to say most of the time. See it from her perspective: she wants you to like her back, her expectations are high (in her dreams, she has already become your wife and mother of your children). 

That’s why she has the butterflies feeling, rapid heartbeat and can’t breathe normally. No wonder it isn’t very easy for her to keep it cool around you.

She wants to know it all

When we like someone a lot, we want to learn as much as possible about this person. We talk to their friends, check their social media accounts and ask tons of questions. 

If she acts the same, it means she likes you. Why in the world would she want to meet your friends and parents and see your childhood photos? You should know the answer to this question by now!