If you are used to wearing pen shoes, you need to have your feet looking good to feel confident while walking. You also need to take care of your feet to avoid complications that arise from unhealthy feet. You could also save yourself from embarrassment when you take your shoes off, and they smell. You can develop various complications around your feet from infections that could possibly cost you your toes. You may also need to change your walking style from growth defects caused by your bones becoming deformed. It would help if you always remained sensitive to the health of your feet to avoid severe complications. City Podiatry provides services related to foot issues and remains open to consultation. Here are a few ways to care for your feet until speaking with a professional.

Smooth Out the Calluses

When you frequently walk with bare feet, your feet develop a layer to help keep them from getting hurt. The ground has foreign objects such as thorns and rough particles that may make it uncomfortable to walk. Your feet develop this thick layer that helps you walk comfortably and reduce the severity of injuries from getting pricked. However, when you wear open shoes, the calluses will remain visible. You can find ways to remove the calluses and have a great look while you wear your open shoes. You can soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes to soften the dead skin. You can then use a rough pumice stone to scrub off the dead skin. You may treat the warm water with tannic acid to help soften the dead skin and act as antibacterial protection for the smooth skin underneath. If the dead layer of skin does not soften, you can use heels cream to soften it before scrubbing.

Treat Foot Fungus

You may suffer from foot fungus that causes your feet to be smelly and become uncomfortable over time. You can get over the counter medicines that help to fight the fungus. You should wash your feet thoroughly, and then dry them properly with emphasis between your toes, then apply the antifungal powder. After fighting the infection, maintain foot hygiene by washing your feet and drying them properly to prevent a relapse of the condition.

Use Sunscreen

Your feet have skin that remains vulnerable to the sun’s rays. Too much sunlight harms the health of your skin, and the skin on your foot is no exception. You may get skin cancer or develop sunburns from walking with bare feet. Use sunscreen to protect your skin and prevent skin complications, even on your feet.

Support Your Feet

Your feet need support when carrying your weight, and the type of shoe you choose to wear determines how well they can support your feet. The considerable part of your body weight rests on your heel as it sits directly below your whole body. It would help if you got shoes that have a high heel, to spread your weight across the entire foot. It would help if you also had insoles with a soft top part and a plastic bottom to absorb the weight evenly. If you do not support your feet, you could develop complications in the future due to a strain on your bones. You could also develop back problems because poor absorption of your weight on the ground causes your back to absorb the weight and shock, and it may develop further complications as you age. The back-problem manifests more often for those who lift weights with flat shoes.