The cold might be the most common form of sickness, and it seems like you can’t escape having it from time to time. Flu is nothing you have time for in this demanding world. You need to be active and show up every day and to do so, you should think about boosting your immune system. The common cold is not winning any battles, not on our watch. Let’s talk about top ways to prevent a common cold from ruining your ambitious plans. 

Get more exercise 

Being fit helps not only your looks but also boosts your immunity. Your body is stronger, and it is harder for any disease to penetrate it. Daily activity reduces the risk of getting sick, and it is scientifically proven that people who exercise regularly have fewer colds. It doesn’t have to mean that you should start spending half of your day at the gym. Generally speaking, you should be more active. Walking up the stairs instead of choosing the elevator is a good option. Taking a walk once a day is another. You can also increase your sexual activity. It burns a lot of calories and involves a significant number of muscles. Get closer with the love of your life if you are happy enough to have a partner. The Adult Toy Shop could be an alternative if you don’t have a partner at the moment.  

Avoid processed food

Nutrition is, next to exercising, the most crucial aspect when it comes to staying healthy. Eating food with a high level of antioxidants, so vegetables and fruits will help you boost your immune system. It is essential to make sure the food you buy is not processed because you need to avoid chemicals to stay cold-free. Sugar, gluten and processed food are the enemies when it comes to maintaining immunity. Go for items that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties like sweet potatoes, salmon or berries. 

Also, don’t forget to include foods with a high level of zinc in your diet. While vitamin C seems to be the most crucial thing during the cold season, do not underestimate the power of zinc. Studies show that if you include it in your meal plan, zinc can shorten the number of days you are sick. You can find it in foods like pumpkin seeds, nuts, spinach or beans. 

Sleep well

Giving your body enough time to regenerate is also contributing to the strength of your immunity. When you live an active life, getting enough sleep is even more critical, because your body needs to process all the damage you did during the day. The recommended amount of sleep for an adult is between seven to eight hours. Make sure to hit your target every day to stay healthy during the cold season. You can also try to take 20-minute power naps to be sure your body is rested enough. 

Natural secret weapon

Presenting a real-life hack in the form of lavender essential oil. It is a natural sanitizer that you can put on your hands any time you want. It smells gorgeous and is a triclosan-free substance. Triclosan is a frequently used ingredient in hand sanitizers, and it can cause hormone disruption in animals. Lavender oil is a healthy alternative to these products. And if you want to take full control over the quality of your sleep, rub a drop of lavender essential oil onto your chest before you go to sleep. The oil will help you breathe properly at night.  

Eliminate bad habits 

Smoking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol are both reasons for many major health problems. If you don’t eliminate these bad habits in time, it is not only a cold that you are risking. Lack of activity is also a dangerous habit to have, not to mention what stress can do to your body. It might sound impossible, but try to do your best when it comes to eliminating those four factors from your daily routine. Your body will reward you for this sacrifice with serving you properly for years to come. 

Let fresh air in 

No idea how somebody can survive a day without letting fresh air into their house. If you keep your windows closed at all times, you can get sick quickly from the stuffiness in your apartment. Indoor air can be polluted even up to five times more than the wind outside. Make sure to open your windows daily, preferably two times a day or more. You can also improve the quality of the air in your home by adding some plants that help filter the air. 

Having a cold is an unpleasant time in everybody’s life. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this sickness from attacking your body. Use all the tips from the article and stay on the healthy side of the force.