Lower back pain in Greenacres, FL, is quite a common musculoskeletal issue. In fact, it is one of the main causes of absenteeism at work. In some cases, lower back pain is mild, while in others, it can be debilitating. Back pain can go away on its own, therefore, most cases of lower back pain do not require the attention of a doctor. However, when lower back pain persists, it is imperative for you to know that there are many treatment options at your disposal. Below are some common tips that you can use to manage lower back pain.

Sleep Well

Lower back pain can prevent you from catching sleep. However, the truth is that you need adequate sleep to manage your back pain. As such, you have to adopt a sleeping position that does not aggravate back pain. For instance, you can sleep on your side and have a pillow between your legs. Alternatively, you can lie on your back, but remember to have a pillow below the knees. These sleeping positions ensure that the spine remains in a neutral position and can go a long way in relieving any strain or stress on your back.

Maintain a Good Posture

Slouching is bad for spinal health, and the truth is that a poor posture can cause and even aggravate back pain. If your work involves long sitting hours, ensure that your back remains upright. When you feel tired, you can just get up and move around. If you have to lift something heavy, you should learn to do it with your back upright. Instead of bending your back, bend the knees and use your legs.

Physical therapy

A physical therapist can teach you how to perform your day-to-day activities without hurting your back. They can also engage you in physical exercise that can strengthen the muscles that support your back. Therefore, in addition to helping you reduce back pain and improve strength and mobility, physical therapy can go a long way in helping you to prevent injuries that can cause pain.


In less severe cases of back pain, you can find relief in over-the-counter pain medication. If they fail to offer any improvements, you should seek the assistance of a pain management specialist for more powerful pain relief options such as corticosteroids, spinal injections, nerve blocks, and even back surgery. In severe cases, your doctor may propose more advanced pain treatments such as spinal cord stimulators or even intrathecal pumps.

The Bottom Line

Overall, back pain can be quite common. In some cases, it can be debilitating. The good news is that it is an issue that can be managed or even treated with the assistance of a qualified pain management specialist. If you are looking for a reliable pain management specialist to help you with managing back pain in Greenacres, FL, the American Interventional Pain Institute is a great pain management facility for you to consider. You can visit or contact them today for more information about the services that they offer.