Type 2 Diabetes

Certain lifestyles can cause many diseases and cause a slow death. The way you live your life, such as the things you eat, drinking alcohol and smoking, not exercising, and other lifestyle behaviors, maybe the cause of your future health problems. However, if you take the time to understand how your lifestyle affects you, you can make the changes now that will lead to a healthier future. One of the killer lifestyle diseases is diabetes Type 2. It causes your blood sugars to increase beyond the required level to sustain your body. A higher than average blood sugar level is bound to create an imbalance in the body, and the effects manifest on the body organs. Understanding the early signs of this disease can help you track it as it develops. Early consultation with your doctor could mark the difference between a healthy life and the severe consequences of type 2 diabetes. Your weight and blood pressure are at the core of controlling and preventing diabetes. If you need weight management in Lady Lake, consult us for information and guidance towards a healthy and disease-free bodyweight.

Unquenchable Thirst

When the body notices excess sugar in the body, it tries to find ways to reduce it. One of the primary methods for the body to deal with excess sugar involves passing it through urine. Urination uses a lot of water that makes the body always need water. The body communicates the need for water through feeling thirsty at all times.

Always Hungry

The body requires glucose to provide energy for your routine activities. When you eat, the digestive system breakdowns down the food into glucose. The glucose is then absorbed from the bloodstream into the various cells as required. When you have diabetes, your ability to absorb enough glucose from the blood is reduced. You are always in constant need of energy that the body feels you are not providing. The body communicates the demand for energy by feeling the need to eat all the time.


Your body requires energy to operate optimally. When the cells do not get enough energy from the bloodstreams, you will constantly feel hungry. When the amount of energy supplied to the body does not match the amount of energy you consume in your activities, the body communicates by making you feel tired. Tiredness serves as a sure sign that the energy you’re producing is lower than your body demands.

Blurred Vision

High blood sugar levels may cause you to experience high blood pressure. When the blood pressure increases, it affects how the blood vessels transmit blood and nutrients to the various cells. Small blood vessels such as capillaries that take blood and other nutrients to the eyes may rupture under pressure. The ruptured blood vessels cause your eyesight to dim for a while. However, if the blood pressure persists, you may receive permanent eye damage. If you experience blurry vision that comes and goes for some time, visits a doctor to receive a proper diagnosis of your condition.

Frequent Urination

When the body senses high blood sugar levels, it finds ways to reduce it through urination. Urination occurs when your kidneys filter out toxins from the body. The body reads excess sugars as a toxin to the body and gets rid of it.