CBD, or cannabidiol, is being hailed as a wonder drug to treat everything from anxiety to chronic pain. It is improving the lives of many people by providing relief for many ailments that were affecting their quality of life.

If CBD is good for so many problems could it help out in the bedroom, too? Many couples have trouble keeping the spark and others simply have trouble with their sexual function.

In this article, I will explore the ways that CBD may be able to improve your love life.

Erectile dysfunction

As of the time of this writing there is no link between taking CBD effectively for ED. If your problem is physical, then it seems like it won’t help you there. 

Where it could possibly help is if your ED is from stress, anxiety or depression. Eliminating stress from your life is crucial to increasing your testosterone. And depression is a major cause of erectile dysfunction.

By reducing these problems, CBD could clear the way for a return to normalcy when it comes to your ED.

The debate about Viagra vs Sildenafil should also include CBD as a possible alternative. 


Many women experience dryness in their vagina as they don’t produce enough vaginal lubricant naturally. This can cause discomfort and even pain and lead to a lack of sex drive.

There are now lubricants made with the addition of CBD oil. With these you get the lubrication you need to have comfortable sex with the added benefit of an increase in sensitivity and relaxation. 

It can enhance the sexual experience by reducing pain as well. 

Increased energy

If your partner has a higher energy level than you, it may cause you to finish earlier and leave them unsatisfied. 

CBD can give you a nice energy boost to keep you going longer. CBD works on a cellular level by keeping mitochondria active which is like charging a battery. When they are active, cells are stimulated and we end up with more energy.

Lowers inhibitions

When you have a low libido, it can cause a nervousness or anxiety when you think about sex. Sex then becomes a stressful subject and is avoided.

When taking CBD, your inhibitions are lowered so you don’t have that barrier when it comes to wanting sex. That isn’t to say you lose control of yourself as if you are drunk. It just means that you are less tense and able to relax to get in the mood rather than feel uptight and standoffish.

Enhances foreplay

Foreplay is essential when being intimate. It helps a couple connect and feel a bond. When CBD is doing its thing then foreplay is enhanced.

CBD will reduce stress, improve your mood and reduce inhibitions and when all of these things happen, we are able to open ourselves up to our partner. 


You may be already taking CBD to treat other problems. Why not see if it can improve your sex life if that is lacking in your life?