The new year calls for new ways of taking care of yourself, and mental health should take center stage. If you ask us, the time of gluten-free foods that claim to make your body healthier and fitter seems to have already received its attention. We believe it is time to focus on something that has constantly been overlooked in spite of it being one of the most important aspects of living. 

Being more sensitive to the things that make you happier should be on top of your list of New Year’s resolutions. The stress that you feel is often not self-inflicted; it is caused by bio-psycho-social factors in our environment. Because of this, it might be of benefit to change your immediate environment. Try moving, rearranging furniture, or even getting away from a toxic job.

But not everyone is able to make significant changes to their immediate environment. If you find it difficult to change your environment, here are three things you can do to secure your mental health despite difficult circumstances.


According to the top psychological professionals and doctors, physical exercise is perhaps the most underrated “antidepressant.” Even thirty to sixty minutes of sweating caused by strenuous movement can definitely help you get that much-needed serotonin (aka “happy hormones”) boost. 

Exercise not only provides mental stability but physical fulfillment as well. The moment you see your body morph into its much healthier and fitter version, you will truly see that the tireless efforts that you put in every day didn’t go to waste. Some people choose to alter their bodies with surgery to improve their mental health. Enhancement surgeries do pose a certain level of risk. If your health is compromised because of the negligence of the surgeon or other medical staff before, during or after the procedure, it is a good idea to retain legal services from pros such as those at

More and more people are getting hooked on the “gym culture” nowadays and in our opinion, that is probably the best fad around.

Have a pet

Members of the millennial and Gen Z generations are very conscious about how we treat our environment; they function under the premise that we humans are the “dominant species.” Plastics, specifically the single-use ones, are one of the top things that contribute to climate change, which is getting worse every year. Most millennial couples put off having kids because they don’t want their children to suffer in a future that scientists predict to be catastrophic. Instead, millennials direct their nurturing skills toward owning a pet. If environmental reasons are not enough, owning a pet gives a calming sense of companionship. It also effectively reduces feelings of loneliness.


The two ideas mentioned above are hobbies practical for most people. There are also other hobbies that you can take up. Hobbies are a great way to avoid having dangerous, idle thoughts. You can always pour your extra time into something with cultural and aesthetic significance.

Maintaining your mental health is always a work in progress. There will be hiccups along the way, and if things get out of control, it’s wise to seek professional help. It is also beneficial to determine and be aware about the  factors that stress you out as well as the activities that help you maintain serenity.