Type 1 diabetes occurs when your body produces little to no insulin. A deficiency in insulin from your body does not convert sugar into glucose that the body requires for energy. There is no cure for the lack of production of the hormone insulin. However, doctors try to manage the situation by injecting insulin into the body and regulating the diet you take. Lack of maintaining an appropriate lifestyle can result in complications related to insulin deficiency. If you have diabetes, it leads to a slow shutdown of the body manifested by the difficulties that occur. Professionals such as Jaymes Granata MD specialize in diseases relating to diabetes and other body ailments. It is imperative to seek out such professionals should you experience complications from existing or suspected diabetes. 

Heart and Blood Vessels Disease

Diabetes results in your blood pressure increasing, which can cause you to develop heart complications such as heart attacks, and heart vessel conditions such as coronary artery disease. High blood pressure also causes blood vessels to strain, resulting in conditions such as a stroke. You may experience chest pains that act as a symptom of an impending heart attack and other diseases.

Kidney Failure

When you have high blood pressure, the blood vessels become one of the victims. The kidney filters toxins and other wastes from the bloodstream. It also receives nutrients through blood vessels that surround it. The blood vessels branch off to form very tiny and delicate capillaries that have high sensitivity to blood pressure. High blood pressure dilates the vessels to a capacity that they may not handle, and they end up bursting, thus killing the kidney cells and contaminating the blood with toxins. The final stage of such complication manifests as kidney failure.

Damage to Nerves

The nervous system contains blood capillaries that nourish them to keep them functional and to send information to the brain about the condition of your body. When you have no blood sugar control due to lack of insulin, your body may have excess sugar that affects the capillaries going to the nerves. The nerves weaken and may not relay information to the brain as required. The nerves on the feet manifest failure when you start feeling numbness or a tingly feeling. It manifests in the gastrointestinal tract when you feel nauseous, experience vomiting or diarrhea. Men can have erectile dysfunction from the non-performance of nerves in the genitalia.

Complications While Pregnant

Diabetes may affect both the mother and the child, with children higher in danger due to their delicate nature. The same factors that affect a full-grown adult also affect the child, but since the child is still developing and fragile, they suffer severe damages. The consequences of such injuries include stillbirths and miscarriages. If the child survives birth, they have congenital disabilities. The mother may suffer from high blood pressure that may prove fatal if not controlled. A diabetic mother is at an even higher risk of suffering other diabetes-related complications when pregnant than when healthy.

Eye and Foot Complications

The high blood pressure caused by diabetes, coupled with small blood vessels and damage to major body organs, causes other severe conditions to manifest. The eye capillaries may burst to cause blindness, or deposits of toxins collect in the eye, causing cataracts. Damage to blood vessels in the foot may cut off the supply of nutrients leading to rotting and the need to amputate affected parts.