It is safe to say that both males and females use some form of enhancement in their lives. It may in the form of exercise, makeup or a supplement to help the process along. Whoever you are and for whichever reason, you are doing the enhancing, just make sure you are being safe.

In this case, we are taking a look at the male generation and supplements for sexual enhancement. It may be for medical reasons, curiosity or just looking to add more spice to the bedroom. Or any room if it’s going well.

What is Male Enhancement?

Essentially the enhancing part comes from a tsunami of blood flow to the genitals, thus making them in a swollen state, also known as large and in charge.

Click here for the full description and a glance at the male reproductive system. A refresher course never hurt anyone right?

Why Decide to Use an Enhancement Supplement?

Each male is different and unique and has decided to use a supplement for personal reasons. Some reasons why they choose to use one is the fact that it significantly increases the flow of blood to the penis area. It helps with a better-quality erection and stays firm for a longer period during sexual activity.

Men who use a pill say that they can carry on for longer, they have more endurance and have seen an increase in stamina while with their partner/s. 

Seeing their other half be pleasured by the result increases confidence in men in the bedroom, and allows for a more intense orgasmic experience.

Sexual Safety.

While you might be in your element and enjoying your increased sexual desires, it does not excuse you from being safe with your partner. Whether you decide to use condoms, your partner is on the pill or they might have a coil in place, safety first. You know what they like to say, ‘no glove no love.’

Pills Available on the Market.

Not sure what to use or where to get it? Listen to this video chat for an insight into the latest products, and put your mind at ease knowing it’s from a medical professional. With so many products available, be sure to do some research and see reviews before jumping into anything too quick. 

Top 4 Pills rated by Reviews.

  • VigRX Plus
  • Max Performer
  • Rizer XL
  • Extenze

All have success stories, and all offer a little something different from the next, but there can only be one winner at a time. And pulling up on the number one spot on the podium, VigRX Plus – top rated.

What is VigRX Plus?

An all-natural herbal enhancer made solely from plants. It not only helps with impotence but aids in preventing erectile dysfunction. Its natural ingredients increase your sexual stamina and give your erection, power.

Having a supplement on the market that can increase your sexual appetite, without having to put harmful chemicals with bad side effects into your body, is the best thing you can do to look after your health. All the while having a great time.

How Long do Enhancing pills Take to Work?

Depending on what ingredients are used in them the results can vary. Some with fruit and more natural-based ingredients can take up to 3-4weeks to take effect. You might think it’s not working, but taking the pills daily ‘will’ increase your libido and your desire for sex.

Some pills which have added chemicals in them do tend to work much quicker and have a faster kick-in rate so to say. Some take effect as speedy as 30-60 minutes. They do recommend you eat before taking these, and they can last for up to 4 hours. 

Your ‘eagerness’ does need to be present to achieve maximum benefits.

There are so many stories and results from using a male enhancing pill, and probably thousands of men who don’t say anything, but we know you’re out there, and we are not judging. If anything, I’m pretty sure there are volunteers eager to help you test them out.

There are Others.

Methods other than taking a pill are also around, and most have been tried and tested by quite a number of the male species. These can include items such as penis-pumps or extenders that essentially ‘hang’ and stretch your male part. 

I’ve even heard of people advertising exercise classes specifically targeted to men and strengthening “the area”.

But my favorite was an advertisement on a shop window stating they had the latest brace technology for your penis. You have to elongate and turn the handle on the side every half hour or so. Madness, but hilarious.  

A few reviews on tested products can be seen here for a different perspective on things. 

No matter what you decide to go for, whether it be a pill or a piece of equipment to aid you, the main objective is to have the ultimate sexual session you desire. And then collapse in a pile of sweat and heavy panting like that marathon was a walk in the park.