Hair Production

Our bodies are naturally adapted to produce hair to help defend and protect them from the outside world. The hairs on your body help to detect a mosquito when it lands on your skin. The hair also helps to trap air and moisture during the cold season to keep you warm. The age of clothes and protective wear has reduced the need for hair, and humans have evolved to shaving hair as part of being stylish and elegant. People use different ways of hair removal that produce different results. If you need hair removal services and micro-needling in Fort Worth, visit our offices for a consultation.

Use of Creams

The creams have chemicals that soften keratin, which is the main component of hair. When the hair gets soft, it is easy to wipe it off. The use of creams works in a few minutes but only removes the surface hair, which then regrows after some time. You can use it in various areas of your body, such as your face, legs, and bikini area. It would help if you always were careful when using such creams as they may have allergic effects, especially on certain skin types. Always apply for a few minutes before wiping off since it is sensitive to skin.


This is the most used method that involves the use of a sharp razor to scrape off top hair. It combines the use of a blade and some gel. The technique is useful for the removal of surface hair, which regrows after some time. It has the disadvantage of making cuts if used carelessly and hair regrows after some time.


The process involves making a paste of lemon juice, sugar, and water. You apply the paste on the areas of hair growth in the direction against growing hair. You then pull off the hair towards the direction of hair growth. The method resembles waxing but has fewer allergic effects due to a lack of preservatives and other chemicals in the paste. It is a simple method and proves useful in surface hair removal. However, expect the hair to grow in a few weeks.


This involves the application of warm wax on the area of hair removal. The wax is applied towards hair growth and pulled off against hair growth. It removes the hair from the root and thus is more effective. It may result in infections when the same wax applier is used on different people.

Use of Laser Technology

It uses lasers to burn the hair follicles responsible for hair regeneration. When the follicles burn effectively, hair growth reduces over time. It requires treatment over a period to see adequate results. Laser technology may be expensive but effective, as hair growth remains stunted for a more extended period. However, it requires an expert to prevent skin damage and see results over a shorter period and save you money.