Skin cancer comes from exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and/or tanning beds. If you work under the sun over long hours or have advanced further in age, you have a higher probability of developing skin cancer. Some people have conditions that may increase the chances of getting skin cancer. If you have a family history of skin cancer conditions, ensure you go for regular check-ups as advised by your doctor to help keep you safe or to discover signs of cancer early and begin treatment. It is essential to go for skin cancer screenings to determine the health of your skin. You can also discover other helpful wellness medical services such as Botox treatments that help to enhance your life in unexpected aspects. Visit us at the San Antonio botox treatment center for a number of our varied services to help improve your look and/or undergo skin cancer screenings. Several treatments exist for skin cancer that could help you recover and bounce back to your healthy life.

Excision Surgery

This involves the cutting out of the affected skin and some healthy tissue around the affected area. The cutting out of some healthy tissue ensures that any cancerous skin interacting with healthy skin is also removed. It provides security in ensuring that all the harmful skin is cut and avoid leaving any cancerous skin that may develop into a new infection.


The procedure entails the doctor using a circular blade to scrape off the affected cells. Any remaining cells are destroyed using an electric needle, or liquid nitrogen in order to freeze the cells, killing them instantly. The method is applied after removing a chunk of the cancerous cells and clears off the cancerous area.


This involves the use of chemicals being injected into the bloodstream which targets the cancer cells. The substances may kill some of the healthy cells but mostly attacks the cancerous cells. Cancer cells on the base of the skin may be removed by applying a chemical cream since the chemicals in the body may not reach the surface and eradicate the cells effectively.

Biological Therapy

The body has its own mechanisms for dealing with foreign entities on your skin. It may remain dormant until some therapy is applied to activate the immune system. The immune system then produces the substances used to attack skin cancer and remove the cancerous sections.

Radiation Therapy

The use of harmful radiation cells serves as an option to remove the remaining cancer cells after surgical treatments and procedures. When radiation energy focuses on the cancer cells, it distorts their composition and killing them as a result. The treatment is used progressively after other methods due to its harmful nature.

Photodynamic Therapy

The therapy involves the use of light sensitivity to attack the cancer cells. The first step consists in injecting the cancer cells with a photosensitive substance. When the affected cells become photosensitive, the use of laser light destroys the light-sensitive cells. The element used helps to single out the affected area for therapy treatment.

Mohs Surgery

This is a meticulous procedure used for treating sensitive skin cancer types which are typically recurring. It helps to conserve as much skin as possible. It entails the removal of the cancer cells, layer-by-layer, and examining the extent of development. It scans and removes the affected areas only.