The rate of mortality and school drop out of young people, especially those in institutions of higher learning is increasing gradually. The main thing about these deaths is most of them are related to a specific cause which is “Mental Health.” With the increase of drug abuse among college students, many of them become affected mentally.

Another thing that leads to mental issues is love matters. When a young person, more so a college student enters a relationship, they see it as everlasting. Once there is a disagreement and the love between the two is lost. One of the partners or both become mentally disturbed.

These are some of the major causes of mental health challenges among students in college. In this article, you will get to learn about seven psychological issues facing college students. Also you can find out some information in different medical papers.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The freedom in colleges is too much-making students to use free time to engage in unwanted activities like drinking alcohol or drug/substance abuse. Drinking alcohol is not bad; it nourishes your mind when you are tired. But consume it in low amounts as you need to focus on your studies.

Once you make it a habit, you will forget about your studies and become an alcoholic. In many colleges, the availability of drugs like marijuana and other substances is easy. Which makes many students indulge in them, which prompts them to go for them regularly creating an addiction to these substances.


When you feel powerless, hopeless, sad, and overwhelmed, then you have depression. It will, in return, make you not sleep properly, eat abnormally, and inability to concentrate when studying or doing certain activities.

Many college students always develop this mental disorder at one point. According to research on the American Psychological Association, a considerable number of students develop this disorder. Those who have this issue either drop out of school, consider suicide or turn to drugs and alcohol when the problem is not treated.

Adjustment Disorder

To adjust to a new environment, it will take time, and you will have some challenges. For many new college students, they find it hard to acclimatize with the college environment for the first few months. Some of the things that lead to this mental challenge are you find a student is used to staying with the family or not studying far from home.


Being anxious is somehow normal, but for some people, it usually gets out of control. When you have a concern, the ability to perform duties as usual reduces. Making you too stressed and full of fear. Some of the types of anxiety that affect college students are;

These are some, but others lead to mental issues of many students.

Eating Disorder

Eating disorder cuts across all genders. For years it has been associated with female students. I cannot refute that because most of who exhibit signs of this mental challenge are female students. Anorexia, binge eating, emotional eating, and Bulimia are some of the eating disorder a student can develop that can lead to mortality.


The leading source of death among young people in colleges is suicide. With studies showing that many students in colleges suffer from high levels of depression and anxiety. Such disorders lead them to take their own lives.


When you develop this challenge is hard to tell. But for a physician, it is easy to recognize what you are suffering from. If you have issues paying attention, being restless, taking too much, always losing items, or being distracted. Then you have ADHD.


My advice to college students is always to share what you are going through. With trusted friends or to the guidance department. Doing that you will reduce your chances of developing any mental challenge associated with students.

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