As they say, marriage is like a roller coaster ride of emotions. Although most couples would have survived the 7-year itch, the years before that are the toughest ones. Perhaps, it could be because two different people with very different personalities and backgrounds live together under one roof. Of course, there are adjustments and sometimes it could lead to disagreements. It could be something more when children are involved too. So, how does a couple keep their fire burning? Is there really an away to ignite the emotions they once have before moving in together?

A very important aspect in a marriage is time. When couples are overwhelmed with the kids, the work and the chores, their time alone together takes the back seat. This should really not be the case. Couples should always find the time to do things together that may ease the negative feelings at times, or it is preferable to mention that spending time together will keep them closer as it should be. Some may refuse this kind of activity because of the kids, or money or sometimes, they are too tired to go out. But “us time” should never really that extravagant. Here are some wise tips for couples to enjoy their time together:

  1. Have a break and have some coffee together. This could sound so simple but sitting down together over a cup of coffee and talking about life together may play a very important role in the lives of the couple. This will definitely keep all communication lines open and it could be the high time for them to talk about their feelings for each other.
  2. Sometimes, things get rough at work or at home, spend some R&R together to relieve stress while enjoying each other’s company. A very relaxing couples massage can be a good option to consider. A spa that can give a very serene feeling can be the best choice as it promotes not only relaxation but also warmth for couples.
  3. Enjoy a similar hobby together. Some couples would run or hike together and enjoy this time together. For some couples, it could be difficult because they have different hobbies but over time, they learn to do things together and eventually this becomes a hobby that they can enjoy with each other.
  4. If couples can, travel without the kids. This may sound difficult at first because they are not keen on leaving the kids behind. But this is a good opportunity to spend quality time together. The couple can enjoy their private time together and it can develop their intimacy which may have been their least priority in the marriage.

While couples set their goals together and become busy in achieving it, it is also important for them to spend time together. Understandably, once married, couples tend to focus more on the other significant things and forgets that both of them are the most important part of the union. The world is full of pressure on its own, so having someone to spend the best time is worth every second.