According to the studies, participants taking Truvada for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in two major studies experienced a modest decline in the kidney function which were concerned with tenofovir drug levels and older age. 

If you are experiencing kidney issues, consult a Truvada kidney failure lawyer to see if you can be rightly compensated to cover the medical cost.

Damages May Be Considered For Compensation

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of capacity to earn
  • Long-term care
  • Disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages

To prevent kidney failure from Truvada, below mentioned are the preventive tips to keep into consideration:

1.   Monitor Blood Pressure

High blood pressure might result in a heart attack or stroke. The common blood pressure is 120/180 and 139/89 is prehypertensive, so consider positive nutritional changes. At 140/90 above, you must consult with the doctor and keep a check on your blood pressure level.

For HIV patients, it’s even more grave! The TDF in Truvada makes the organ stops functioning properly, leaving the individual to experience a lack of proper urine flow and disruption of blood flow to the kidneys.

2.   Keep Weight In-Check

In a clinical study of Truvada, weight loss occurred in 3% of people. Whereas, weight gain has not been stated in the Truvada study.

Eat healthy and reduce your consumption of salt. Put some limit on eating junk food in restaurants to avoid health complications such as weight gain. To get complete information on a kidney-friendly diet, it is recommended to speak to your doctor today.

3.   Fluid Intake

According to researchers in Canada, having a lot of fluid helps the kidney clear urea, toxins out of the body which results in a lower risk of developing kidney failure.

However, the right level of fluid intake for any individual depends upon many factors – gender, climate, pregnancy, breastfeeding, exercise, and health conditions.

4.   Control Blood Sugar

Diabetes is not reported in the Truvada study. But, a kidney condition called nephrogenic diabetes insipidus has existed in people consuming Truvada. Due to this, kidneys don’t function properly and the patient passes a large amount of urine.

The symptoms of nephrogenic diabetes consist of dizziness, headache, dry skin, fatigue, decreased memory, muscle pain, weight loss, and low blood pressure. If you are facing any of these, your doctor may stop your Truvada treatment.

5.   Exercise Regularly

Following the right exercise regimen brings in positive health results. Exercises like running, swimming and walking reduce stress levels, control high blood pressure and help in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is imperative to talk to your physician for evaluation if you are undergoing kidney ailment.

What slows down the progression of kidney failure is the diagnosis in the first stage. And, with the right treatment practice, it can be easily cured.

6.   Quit Smoking

Smoking damages proper kidney functioning whether you have the disease or not. Quitting smoking is one of the most essential things that people with HIV can do to improve their wellness and live longer.

Especially people with HIV on cigarettes face dire prospects of facing kidney failure. So, it is highly recommended to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right, not smoking and being physically active.

7.   Eat Heart-Healthy Diet

A perfect heart-healthy diet is low in sugar and cholesterol and high in fiber. It prevents weight gain and thus protects your kidneys from the damage. Try using dried herbs and spices instead of salt which increases the blood pressure.

Especially for HIV patients, the American Heart Association suggests at least 2 ounces of fish a week. Some meat cuts have more fat than others, so it is best to look for leaner choices.

The Takeaway

Following these tips would help prevent kidney failure or slow its progression.

Besides, the physical pain of chronic kidney failure and other health problems that have arisen from the use of Truvada, financial burden may also arise.

In order to cope up with such circumstances, the Truvada kidney failure lawyers help victims of kidney diseases to recuperate the losses seamlessly.