Every day, thousands of people across the globe suffer from workplace injuries. While some of the injuries are negligible, others can be life-threatening. According to Recklaw, it is important for employees to be aware of the different types of workplace injuries so they can better identify the claims they have to file. 

So, here are the most common workplace injuries that employees must be aware of. 

Muscular Strain

One of the most common work-related injuries is a muscle strain, particularly for workers who have to do the regular heavy lifting. Neck strains and back pain are the usual complaints. When ignored, these muscle strains can cause cervical and chronic low back pain. It can cause limitations in mobility that may hamper productivity and even affect daily living. Muscular strains can be easily prevented by knowing the proper posture when lifting heavy objects. 

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) 

When workers do repetitive jobs at work like typing, they are at a high risk of developing repetitive strain injuries. RSI can severely impact an individual. That’s why it is important for them to take the necessary precautions. Employers can help reduce the incidence of RSI by providing ergonomic tools such as keyboards to prevent strain. 

Slips and Falls

This type of injury is pretty common in any work setting. Slips and falls can happen in an office, in a warehouse, in a factory, and even in hospitals. While some slips only cause minor bruises, it can also cause a concussion when the slip causes the head to hit the floor or pavement. Falls can even be fatal when the height is too high, such as falling from a ladder or scaffolding on construction sites. 

Hit by Falling Objects

In warehouse settings, it is common to see workers injured as a result of a falling object. Unfortunately, accidents like this can also happen in an office setting such as falling plates from the cupboards in their pantry. Such accidents can cause severe facial injuries and, in some cases, blindness when glass shards hit the eyes. 

Collision Injuries

Collision injuries can also frequently happen at work, especially in settings where workers operate heavy equipment and vehicles. These types of accidents often end with serious injuries and even death. Employers should always emphasize the importance of driving safety in every meeting. 

Toxic Fume Inhalation

Workers affected by diseases as a result of inhaling toxic fumes may not have acute symptoms. Often, it takes years for the effects to manifest. So, it is best to always wear protective gear such as masks, goggles, gloves, and even coats to protect against harmful chemicals.

Industrial Deafness 

Sadly, industrial deafness is still a thing. Some workers in the industrial setting still suffer from deafness because of their constant exposure to loud noise during work hours. 

Workplace Fights

While it may seem uncommon, workplace tension can cause fights at work that can result in serious physical injuries of workers. 

Key Takeaways

Workers can get injured in many different ways, but there are also tons of safety practices that can be put in place to prevent them from happening. It is a must that both employers and workers coordinate on how they can make their workplace safe for everyone. 

The use of safety equipment, conduction of regular training, and an abundance of easily understandable signage can do a lot in reducing the number of workplace injuries. It would also do businesses good to do periodic risk assessments to see what areas in their safety initiatives are working and which ones need improvement. All in all, these can help improve workplace safety.