There are thing which women need to know about working out especially for pre-workouts. If you’re a woman who wants to get fit then here are some of the important things you need to know first.

Following the mainstream diet and workout routine will only make you end up skinny fat. Magazines and trainers might end up telling you to starve yourself until you look like a size zero but there’s no need for that. They keep talking about your hormones but that is far from the truth. If you want to get in shape as a woman then read on because when you’re done, you’ll know what you need to do in order to have a lean, toned and healthy body.

You won’t Get Bulky with Heavy Weightlifting

A popular myth among women is that if they do heavy weightlifting then they will end up looking bulky but that’s not true because only fat would make you look bulky. Do not fall into the trap of believing that heavy weightlifting will make you look bulky.

It might prove to be true for men who want bulging biceps but women who want a lean and toned body need to do heavy weightlifting. Besides, it isn’t that easy for one to look like men who have bulging muscles. Even men have a hard time getting the muscles they desire as it takes years of intense training and only eating the right food and women do not have the testosterone of men to get a big and bulky body. This is why women need to weight lift to get a toned and athletic body.

Do Plenty of Cardio to Get Rid of Curves

If you want to have a tight ass and get rid of curves which make it hard for you to fit in the dress you want then it is time to do plenty of cardio. Just look at a marathon runner, does she have a curvy body, definitely not.

Doing a lot of endurance training will help get rid of the skinny fat in order for you get a lean body! Cardio helps with weight loss as it burns the muscles too which is why the right type of endurance exercise is needed such as cycling or jogging.  It can be a fun way to lose weight; however, it is important to ensure that each session is not more than 25 minutes. Livin 3 recommends to aim for a routine which consists of an hour to an hour and half of cardio every week.

Use Supplements for Women

Supplements for women have become a popular option for women who want to work out and get in shape which is why you need to take vitamins and supplements to help boost your nutrition and workout regime. It is important to take the right supplements so as to maximize the benefits of the supplements.

There are many supplements women can take pre-workout to get the best workout they need in order to get that sexy body!