Dealing with everyday issues, physical and mental conditions, costs us a lot of energy. We’re trying different methods and remedies to stay afloat — meditation and yoga seances, different kinds of diet, food and medical supplements, specialized cosmetics. All that in order to stay healthy, calm, and to take good care of our appearance. Before adding CBD to your diet for any reason, it is important that you understand how much CBD can you consume. Before adding CBD to your diet for any reason, it is important that you understand how much CBD can you consume. This article by Golden Bee will give you all the information on CBD dosages so that you can have a pleasant experience.

One of the most popular health and beauty solutions for the last few years is CBD oil. The use of it is very common in complementing various treatments, as an ingredient of many cosmetics, and as a food supplement (because that’s what it is officially).

Due to its broad variety of beneficial properties, it may seem to be a kind of universal remedy for health and happiness. It’s true that it can be helpful in many situations. To make the role and benefits of CBD oil in our daily life more clear, we prepared a complex guide to the world of CBD!

  1. CBD Oil Cosmetics — Safety and Quality

CBD oil can either be used in its pure form in baths or daily facial care rituals, or it can be an ingredient of miscellaneous cosmetics. If you’re wondering whether to buy CBD cream or just pure oil, let us explain to you how to make the decision wisely!

If you’re deciding on the oil itself, it’s simple — just take a bottle of oil from organic and certified hemp cultivation. Buying more complex cosmetics, on the other hand, can always be tricky. Make sure that the cosmetics producer used good quality ingredients with just as good, certified CBD oil! If you can’t find the exact information on the producer’s website — email them directly. You have the right to know.

  1. The Kinds of CBD Cosmetics

On the market, you can find a surprisingly wide choice of cosmetic supplies. CBD oil mouthwash and toothpaste, facial masks, balms and ointments… Basically, anything you can think of. Where does the CBD cosmetics come from?

CBD oils have strong recovering and anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to that the products are perfect for people with sensitive gums, oral cavity injuries, chronic acne and post-acne scars. It also gives an anti-aging effect!

Furthermore, you can find CBD oil candles and bath bombs. And what candles have to do with cosmetics? CBD candles made of beeswax or soy can be used as body balms!

  1. Post-Workout CBD Ritual

The use of CBD oil balms and edibles and the oil itself after intense exercise is becoming more and more common. Applying the oil or a CBD-infused cream on the vulnerable body parts (possibly exhausted muscles and joints or pulled hamstrings) or directly on injuries will soothe the pain and inflammation, and quicken the healing process.

Consuming the oil in the form of edibles is a good idea to realize before the workout. Edibles take even up to 2 hours to kick in due to the longer digestion. Applying a few drops of pure CBD oil, though, is the quickest way to feel the effects. In this case, CBD is absorbed through the muscles and blood vessels that transport the precious compounds to the blood system immediately.

  1. Anti-Anxiety Treatment Supplement

If you’re in the middle of the battle against depression and anxiety, you surely already have heard of the immediate relaxing effects of vaping CBD oils. Vaporization is just as effective as applying the oil beneath your tongue. Low-temperature of the vaping process makes sure that most of the beneficial CBD components are safely distributed through your lungs to the bloodstream.

Edibles are also common in fighting the problem. Although their relaxing effects are much slower (just as we’ve mentioned above). That’s why they should be consumed a while before a potentially stressful situation (an exam, a difficult conversation, etc.) to they have enough time to get absorbed.

Keep in mind that every use of any treatment supplement should be consulted with your psychiatrist first!

CBD oils are also used to decrease the stress levels in animals. Pets can suffer from a separation anxiety disorder or have actual panic attacks at the vet’s office. To soothe their struggled senses we can give them special CBD oil sedatives dedicated to pets — of course, after consulting their vet!

  1. Chemotherapy Treatment Supplement

There’s a broad use of CBD oil products in cancer patients. CBD is a natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory remedy. Chemotherapy wreaks huge havoc in the patient’s organism. The side effects are, i.a., nausea, vomiting, weight loss, chronic pain.

CBD inhalation and vaping or consumption of the oil soothes the pain and nausea. It also stimulates the appetite, so it improves the physical condition of the patient and makes them gain more weight.

The relaxation effect of CBD is crucial in cancer treatment, as well. There’s a lot of stress and negative emotions while suffering from such a severe illness. Stress is one of the most dangerous factors during treatment. It weakens not only our mental state but also damages our physical condition. Staying calm is just as significant as taking care of proper nutrition and medical supplements.