The feeling of fresh air on the face and wind blowing through the hair is one that cannot be described. But when this air is polluted then the surreal feeling is lost.

Our world as we know it today is filled with so much air contaminants, we may not see it but it’s silently causing so much damage not just to our health but that of young children who have a weaker immune system. Hence, we must brace up and do more to make our air purer and safer for us and our children.

Why Clean Air is much more important to Children

As parents we want to protect our children from every form of harm, danger and health hazards some of which are caused by breathing in unpurified air and while it is commendable that we go all out to protect our kids, we must realize we can’t control everything around us, we can’t get it right all the time. But thanks to new products like air purifiers we can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our homes have clean and safe air.

Research has however shown that indoor air may be more contaminated than the outside air. While this may seem surprising and hard to believe, statistics has proven it to be true. Nature uses plants and vegetations as a self purifying cleansing mechanism to purify the air, something that indoor air do not have therefore parents must ensure that the air being breathed at home is suitable for a healthy life.

What we should do to protect the Children

There are several ways of getting clean indoor air. One of such way is by installing an air purifier in the home. Air Purifiers are effective for mold, smoke and allergy problems. The top air purifier come in a variety of designs and is most effective when it is installed so that it works in tandem with the heating or cooling systems of the home.

One of the ways of ensuring a healthy lifestyle devoid of contamination is by managing allergies and asthma. Airborne irritants are known to aggravate the symptoms of asthma and allergies; this can be removed from the air in order to ensure that adults and children find some form of relief from their respiratory conditions. This is not only beneficiary for those with respiratory problems but for everyone as dust causes inflammation of the nasal passage and cause irritation.

Clean air also improves digestion and other body functions by ensuring we breathe in pure oxygen needed for digestion which is necessary for growth and development of young children.

This is not all, clean air improves mood, leads to emotional intelligence and cognitive abilities. It also ensure a long and healthy life as inhalation of impure air over a long period of time causes a build-up of contaminants and irritants in the respiratory system which can lead to several diseases such as emphysema and bronchitis. Therefore, it is important that parents provide their children with cleaner air to ensure they live a healthy life free from diseases.

Periodic checks and removal of molds which are contaminants is another good way. Also, regular vacuuming to rid the home of dust particles and allergens is a must if the air must be pure. Furthermore, avoid smoking in the house and invest in some indoor plants as plants improve oxygen level.

If you must breathe, breathe clean and pure air; you deserve it but your children deserve it more.