Regardless of many controversies, society is opening up for different uses of marijuana increasingly more often. You can find cannabis in cosmetics, in the form of vaping oils, sedatives for pets, and more.

There’s one more reason people are willing to go for marijuana- or hemp-based oils and pharmaceutical products. It’s the plague of our time — cancer. We all know someone who either has cancer or who lost their loved one to this merciless illness.

Happily, there are a lot of states that already allow sales of cannabis products and medical marijuana. You can now find a pharmacy or herbal medicine store in Las Vegas (Nevada), Trenton (New Jersey) or Hartford (Connecticut).

What are the accessible cannabis products and how do they help you fight cancer? You can find the answers right down there!

  1. It’s a Natural Painkiller

Cancer patients suffer from the awful pain that is often relieved with oral or intravenous opioids (codeine, morphine). Cannabis is a natural, non-addictive painkiller that you can take consume, inhale or use directly on the painful spots.

It eases the pain caused by neuropathy which is a result of the damaged nervous system. Vaporized cannabis is in this case almost as effective as, e.g., in the form of a salve. CBD oil salve works so well thanks to the cannabinoid receptors distributed, i.a., in our skin. The receptors are present in our nervous system, as well, which helps to ease the painful neuropathy symptoms.

  1. It Eliminates Nausea

Chemotherapy and radiation are an enormous challenge for the whole organism. It leaves the patient ravaged and weak. Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite are typical side effects of these treatment methods. That’s why patients are losing weight drastically. Cannabis stimulates appetite and relieves gastric irritation.

  1. It Helps You Calm Down

Stress is a huge health-damaging factor. Long-term exposure to stress can result in depression and anxiety. Such a strong and negative emotion doesn’t help your organism to get better. In fact, it can even worsen the state of your health and impede the treatment.

Vaporized or smoked cannabis releases tension (literally! It’s a natural muscle relaxant!). Cannabinoid receptors in the part of the brain responsible for pleasure start to work. You calm down almost immediately, your heart and mind are in peace which helps your whole body relax and recover.

  1. It Improves the Quality of Sleep

Sleep is crucial both for your mental and physical health. Sleep deprivation can result in severe psychological complications — depression, anxiety, hallucinations, irritation. During sleep, your organism has a moment alone — it has time to recover. Lack of sleep only worsens the side effects of chemotherapy and increases the symptoms of the illness. The relaxing properties of cannabis will provide you with a night of healthy sleep.

  1. It’s a Chance of Cancer Prevention

Smoking cannabis is comparably as harmful as smoking tobacco. Every smoke contains some doses of carcinogenic tar. Vaporized CBD oil, though, is a safer alternative. With vaporized marijuana CBD oil you can provide your organism with the beneficial substances contained in marijuana resin without exposing your respiratory system to hazardous tar. Inhaled cannabis is absorbed faster than if consumed.

There appeared a great chance that vaporized or consumed cannabis actually has anti-carcinogenic properties. Although the studies are still in progress!

What You Should Pay Attention to

The CBD craze has ruled the cosmetic and pharmaceutic industry. The trend has increased the mass cultivation of hemp and marijuana. Because of that, you need to pay particular attention to what kind of oil precisely was used for a given product.

There is a risk that buying hemp CBD oil you’ll get a bottle of industrial hemp oil. Industrial hemp is cultivated for, i.a., textile purposes, which means that for there probably were used fertilizers and pesticides to grow the plant. Make sure you’re using hemp oil from an organic and certified farm.

The same goes for marijuana CBD oil. In the marijuana oil case, possible contaminations are even more dangerous because of the resin. Marijuana CBD oils are more essential than hemp oils thanks to the presence of resin. It’s also the resin where THC is contained. Unfortunately, it also means that if for the marijuana cultivation were used hazardous substances, there will be a high concentration of them in the end product since resin absorbs all the contaminants.

It’s absolutely necessary to make well-thought and responsible choices when it comes to our health. Do a thorough research and observe your body’s reactions after different doses of cannabis products, especially if you’ve never had anything to do with cannabis before. Keep in mind that you should consult the use of marijuana in cancer treatment with your doctor first.