A cavity? Bleeding gums? Or sensitive teeth?

Whatever the ailment is, you need a dentist, and a good one. But how do you find a good dentist? You can ask your friends and family who they go to, but what if you’ve just moved to a new place? Your friends and family don’t even know where you should go. Then, what do you do?

Here are four ways to how to find a good dentist:

Use a Doctor Database

You can search through hundreds of dentists at once! Read trusted reviews from real patients before you decide on your dentist. You can also read reviews from other doctors, and your doctor can even give you a referral to a doctor they trust. A ‘doctor database’ is not just for dentists. You can also find your Primary Care Provider (PCP) and any specialty doctor. The database allows you to set your appointment online. So, once you’ve found a dentist you think you might like, you can quickly set the appointment by searching through the doctor’s available dates and times. This way is the easiest and fastest to find the right dentist. 

Ask Your Doctor or Current Dentist

This option is excellent if you are moving to another place. Most doctors are in connection with other doctors. So, it wouldn’t hurt to ask your current dentist for recommendations or even your PCP. He or she may have a great recommendation for a dentist in the location to which you are moving. Or if you find your PCP after you’ve moved, ask him or her if he or she knows of any good dentists. They should be able to recommend you to someone.


You can ask around and look online all day, but you’ll never know if it’s the right dentist for you unless you get out there and start visiting some dentists! Set appointments or drive by their offices. See if you can get a feel for the place based on the area or the number of cars in the parking lot. Then, if you feel good about the place, go ahead and set an appointment. If you’re not satisfied, there is no big deal. You are not looking for a marriage alliance. You can always make another appointment with another dentist soon. The critical idea here is to get out there and meet some dentists until you find the one that’s right for you. 

Ask Your Friends and Family

Your first line of defense should always be the people you trust. Where does your sister’s best friend get her teeth cleaned? Ask and find out! Typically, friends and family won’t recommend someone they themselves don’t like but remember this phrase: different strokes for different folks. The dentist who suits your sister’s best friend’s needs might not suit yours, which is why this point is the last in this article. Sometimes you need to find out for yourself what works for you.

In this article, you got to know how to find a good dentist. Finding a good dentist is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think either. Ask people you trust, search online through review-based databases, and go out and visit dentists. Each dentist is different, and you’ll never know the one who is right for you until you go out and meet many of them. And keep your fingers crossed that the dentist you find doesn’t find any cavities in your teeth!