To have free access to buildings or establishments is the right of all people. People should have the freedom to get in places they wish or need to. People should be able to freely enter grocery stores, offices, schools, and many other structures. Being denied access to such places is a violation of your right to have free access to places. 

There are many people that have mobility impairments. Mobility impairment refers to the difficulty or even inability of individuals to utilize their extremities. Mobility-impaired people lack the strength to stand-up, walk, or lift things. 

Devices such as wheelchairs, crutches, and others are used to aid these people’s mobility. To ensure that persons with mobility impairments are able to enjoy their right to free access to buildings, pertinent laws have been passed. Click here to know more about it.

In the United States, buildings are required to have wheelchair ramps to make them accessible to wheelchair-dependent persons. The requirement of making establishments handicapped-accessible ensures that everyone especially mobility-impaired people, has equal and free access to buildings. Having no wheelchair ramps denies handicapped individuals entry which means their rights here are violated.    

What is a wheelchair ramp?

A wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane that helps people who use wheelchairs access buildings. They are built as a substitute or an addition to stairs. There are three kinds of ramps: permanent, semi-permanent, and portable. 

Portable ones are self-explanatory; they are ramps that are portable. They are normally made in aluminum and can be folded. They are often used in vans for loading and unloading mobility devices. 

Semi-permanent are the ones that can be moved and reconfigured. Aluminum types are those that are easily moved. Wheels are normally attached to semi-permanent ramps to make moving it more convenient.  

Permanent ramps are bolted or cemented to the ground. They are completely permanent. Unlike the semi-permanent and portable kinds, permanent kinds have to be destroyed if no longer needed. They are usually made with aluminum, cement, or wood. Wood types are not very recommended because they tend to deteriorate more quickly compared to the other types.   

The ADA Code

ADA Code or the Americans with Disabilities Act is a rule under Federal Law that requires certain wheelchair ramp specifications. It also contains guidelines that businesses ought to meet. Not meeting such guidelines warrants penalties and legal action. Penalties from violation of the ADA Code can be up to $5000. Residential installations are not covered by the ADA Code.  ADA guidelines and ADA Ramp Specifications may vary from state to state. 

Wheelchair ramps are usually found in business establishments. But installing one in your home can also provide a lot of advantages. Mobility Services LLC official website offers different designs should you decide on adding a ramp on your home. If you are having second thoughts on installing one on your home, here are some advantages to it for your consideration.

Enhance Mobility

To increase mobility is the ultimate aim of having ramps especially for elderly and disabled people. Ingress and egress is more convenient. It is also safer. Having it at home lowers risk of injury from going in and out of the house. It can also be installed in other parts of the house. They can help people who use wheelchairs or even scooters access doorways, steps, sliding doors, and elevated landings easily.

Increase the value of your home

If you decide to put your home in the market, it is going to be more marketable. Potential buyers who have a member of the family who is handicapped or has mobility impairment will find your home very appealing. It will increase the resale value of your home too. Installing a ramp, therefore, is also an investment.

Other purposes

The use of ramps is not only limited to wheelchair passage, but it can also be used for other purposes. It can be utilized for transporting furniture, groceries, and other things for your home. It can help save time and energy in doing household stuff.

If you decide to install a ramp at home, you have to make sure that it is built properly to avoid any untoward incidents. You can always refer to the ADA Code for this.

Installing one is more beneficial than you think. It may be quite expensive but its returns make it worth it.