If you find yourself struggling with high blood pressure you might be wondering what to do. What is high blood pressure?  This usually happens when the blood circulating in your body puts too much pressure on the walls of your arteries causing damage. This is one of the main reasons why strokes and heart diseases happen. Low blood pressure is also called “silent killer” for being a symptomless sickness that quietly affects your blood vessels. 

While there is no cure for high blood pressure, changing your lifestyle and taking the necessary medications as your medic prescribed them, is the best thing you can do to maintain your good health. To make sure there is no reason to panic you should be diligent when it comes to your health. That means, you should change your lifestyle and adopt daily healthy routines if you want to bring down your blood pressure.  

1. Change Your Lifestyle 

When you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure you should know how to monitor your blood pressure regularly. Your normal blood pressure should be less than 120, it goes beyond 130 then you should be worried. To make sure everything goes as planned, you should make some serious changes in your diet and daily routines. That means you should take seriously your doctor’s advice, consume more healthy foods and be more physically active. 

Most of the time high blood pressure happens due to our hectic schedules, unbalanced diet and stress. People should be more aware of their lifestyle and how this can affect their health. Along with a proper diet, you can find naturally medications such as Precardix which contains ACE inhibitors to help you lower your blood pressure and prevent the angiotensin. According to DHDSP statistics, about 32% of American adults accuse high blood pressure. That means 1 from every 3 adults have blood pressure that is higher than normal. Making smart lifestyle choices can help you normalize your blood pressure and avoid heart disease and strokes. 

2. Consume More Potassium

Potassium is known to have miraculous effects for those who struggle with hypertension. Eating food rich in potassium may help you overcome high blood pressure. Our blood pressure will naturally begin to increase as we get older and that’s no reason to panic. A diet rich in potassium will help your blood pressure decrease but the doctor doesn’t recommend you taking extra magnesium supplements if you already have that included in your diet. You can find magnesium foods like green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains, beans and dry peas.  

3. Avoid Salty Foods

Absolutely nobody can perceive a meal without being salty, but this is not actually a good thing for us, especially for individuals that struggle with hypertension. We know it might take a while to get used with these considerable changes in your diet, but a low-sodium diet has the same effect as other blood pressure medications. We find sodium hidden in almost every food, therefore, it might be hard to avoid it, unless you develop a routine from cooking your own meals. Preparing your own meals should be the first thing you change about your lifestyle. 

4. Be Physically Active 

If you are eager to discover new hobbies and try new physical activities than you’re on the right path. Having an active lifestyle in combination with the proper diet might help you overcome heart diseases. It doesn’t matter what sport activity you prefer as long as you force your blood vessels flexible. For example, aerobic help you increase blood flow and even sustains the creation of new blood vessels. 

5. Consider Mindfulness

Practising mindfulness means focussing your attention and awareness on the moment. People with hectic lifestyle prefer practising mindfulness or yoga to deal with the everyday stress known to be an important contributor to hypertension. Yoga and mindfulness are considered to be an amazing alternative to the usual medications.

How does mindfulness work? People get to practice their physical relaxation, inner calmness, reduce depression and anxiety. For your muscles and mind, that means progressive relaxation that helps your blood pressure gets lower. Studies in neuroscience have shown that a mixture of negative thoughts and emotions can harm our mental health. A reason why most of the meditative practices are encouraging individuals to “let go” of unhealthy thinking. In time, the results from practising yoga mindfulness and meditation will start to be undeniable. 

6. Lose Weight 

Excessive weight is one of the most common causes of high blood pressure. The biggest gain when it comes to losing weight is that you’ll lower your risks of stroke and heart attack. A normal weight is not too hard to achieve if you respect your diet and exercise routines. There are plenty of activities you might enjoy such as jogging, swimming, basketball or hiking anything can be helpful when you start with the right mindset. Struggling with hypertension can be difficult but every medical expert before prescribing your medications will also advise you to lose some weight. 

7. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol Use 

These two are some of the major causes of heart disease. Besides that, alcohol is very likely to harm your brain and liver too. It doesn’t matter in which amount you decide to consume these two if you struggle with high blood pressure you should avoid them. If it becomes difficult to quit you can try other alternatives like sports, yoga mindfulness or a new hobby to help you cope with your stress 

Keeping your heart healthy should be a priority. If you’re in doubt with what diet you should try and what you could do to lower your blood pressure you can ask for medical advice or consult a legit medical blog to find out which alternative suits you best. Above all, don’t forget to eliminate unnecessary foods from your diet, to limit the sodium intake and embrace a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, and to be more active. There are plenty of natural ways to lower your blood pressure, all you have to do is to take the necessary attitude.