Though it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when or where the first human ever smoked, we do know that the tobacco plant has been cultivated in the Americas for over 8000 years. Additionally, people have been smoking for over 2000 years, beginning most likely as part of a religious ceremony in many ancient cultures.

So, what does all this smoking history mean?

Even with the health risks involved, people have been attracted to smoking for thousands of years. Today, we can see this as the case with CBD cigarettes.

Even though CBD is available in vape juice, oil, capsules, and other forms, many people still prefer to smoke it as their method of consumption.

Why Smoke When You Can Ingest?

Simply put, smoking CBD activates the chemical and delivers it into the bloodstream within minutes, whereas if you eat it, it can take up to an hour for the first effects to be felt.

Though many prefer their edibles or oils, the convenience and quick action of CBD cigarettes make them most attractive. Besides this, corresponding to the quick action is also the faster relief of pain or alleviation of symptoms by the CBD.

Sometimes, we need to deliver pain relief quickly, and for this reason, the convenience of the CBD cigarette is becoming more popular.

Isn’t Vaping Better?

Here is the more common question. Though vaping certainly has its health benefits when compared to smoking, many prefer the CBD cigarette over vaping for a few simple reasons.

First of all, it’s way more convenient to pull out a cigarette, light it, and inhale. Literally, that’s the entire process. With a vape, you have to continually ensure that your battery is charged, that you have it stored safely, and that you have enough juice or oil to get you through the day. This isn’t a problem with cigs.

Additionally, you have to load your vape and ensure that it doesn’t spill or leak. With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why cannabis users find cigarettes a much more convenient method of delivering their CBD.

Do CBD Cigs Get You High? 

In a word, no. CBD cigs won’t get you high.

In fact, in the U.S., CBD cigs by law are unable to contain any psychoactive properties, and any concentration of THC must not exceed 0.3 percent. For those worried about staying legal, the CBD cig falls well within legal guidelines.

In addition to being legal, many brands are available that produce cigarettes with an odorless appeal. As many are aware, smoking tobacco or marijuana cigarettes produces a rather distinct odor and is nearly impossible to ignore.

Odorless CBD manufacturers remove aroma terpenes from hemp during manufacture, creating a product that can be used without bothering others nearby.

Choosing the Right Method

It should be noted that anyone with any respiratory health problems should consider other methods of consumption when using CBD, as smoking could exacerbate any present health issues.

For those who have chronic pain, anxiety, and other related problems that CBD can help alleviate, consider smoking instead of ingesting. Not only this is the more convenient and less cumbersome method to choose from; it is the perfect option for anyone who needs to cure pain quickly.