Dentistry is one of the oldest medical disciplines in the history of the world. There have been practices related to tooth care centuries before the professional practice of medicine. Some of the procedures might be questionable or even dangerous.  However, it is what they had at that time and you would believe anything as long as you are healed. They had a lot of creative ways to deal with the pain and extraction of tooth and it worked for them even before the development of antibiotics. This was even before bacteria were discovered as nobody believed that there are organisms so small we can’t see them.

Dentistry & Its Importance In Society

Nowadays, the dentistry profession has been one of the most needed in any place around the world. People experience tooth and mouth problems every day, and most of them think that it will just go away. However, they underestimate what happens when there is something wrong inside your mouth. It can lead to injury and infection which would feel terrible while you are eating. Have you ever experienced a mouth sore and you had to eat or drink something hot or acidic? Yes, it can get worse than that. It can lead to something far worse like cancer if you don’t attend to it as soon as possible. Dentists are there to help you out. Here are some  of the worse cases of mouth and teeth problems.

However, it is not just about medicating a tooth or mouth problem with dentistry anymore. There are more aesthetic applications to this field. As this suggests, there is a branch of dentistry that leans toward beauty and improvement. Cosmetic dentistry has been around for as long as humans realized that having impressive pearly whites is quite attractive. Imagine those pearly whites, all straightened without even a single gap. Although there are people who find a single tooth gap in the middle of the front teeth is attractive, still more are into the perfect set of white teeth.

You might think that this is unattainable. You need to have good genes for this, and not everyone won the great gene lottery before their births. There are people who grew up with almost every single teeth is crooked out of place. There are also those who had destroyed their own teeth because they can’t stop eating sweets and drinking sweet acidic beverages. It may have been caused by too much alcohol consumption and smoking as well. You may have these conditions all your life but now there are solutions for your problems. Check out these cosmetic dentists’ websites like this one here:

Common Procedures With Cosmetic Dentistry

Bleaching is a procedure done by cosmetic dentists to make your teeth appear whiter. This is usually done after a thorough cleaning to remove all the plaque and food particles trapped in between teeth. Beaching is usually done using carbamide peroxide. This chemical, once applied to the teeth, breaks down the enamel. It will form hydrogen peroxide and the result will be a comparably whiter teeth. Sometimes, some doctors will use hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth. However, it is to be noted that not every kind of teeth can go under a bleaching procedure.

Another popular problem that goes to cosmetic dentists is teeth straightening. Having crooked teeth can be quite problematic especially if you are already conscious when you smile. There are many ways that this can be remedied but they take a lot of time. Braces are metal wires attached to gums to force the teeth into a straighter position. It can be painful, and it is also quite visible but it has worked since its introduction. There are “invisible” options as well for those who are conscious when wearing braces. These are also removable but only for a short period of time each day. Learn more about this here:

If you are looking for a great cosmetic dentist, you don’t have to look far. There are a lot of them here in Jacksonville alone that can help you out. You can always search the internet to find options around your area. Some of them even have websites that lets you see their services and pricing range. Once you are done, you can always go to their office and see if you are comfortable with their setting as well. You can meet with the people working there and even the dentists themselves to ask what kind of procedures is available.