Cannabidiol or CBD is not just a fad, but a popular alternative treatment to traditional medications. For many reasons, people use CBD from retailers like Blessed CBD oil UK because they find it very effective, but reaching the desired effects of CBD involves proper dosing.

One thing you have to take note of is that CBD has differing timeframes. The amount of time that CBD stays in the body would depend on several factors, such as the mode of administration or route, CBD dosage, and the person’s metabolism.

In this post, you’ll learn how long CBD stays in your system by discussing first the onset of CBD. It serves as a guide when choosing the best route and CBD product that’s suitable for your needs.

Ingestion: One to Two Hours

Before CBD effects finally set in, it takes about one to two hours for it to be processed completely. Cannabidiol, like most drugs, undergoes the “first-pass effect” or metabolized by the liver, wherein the CBD concentration is reduced before it goes to the bloodstream and tissues and cells. That’s why ingesting or swallowing CBD oil isn’t necessarily the fastest way to consume CBD.

According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Cannabidiol review, the bioavailability, amount of drug that enters the bloodstream, of CBD through oral administration is at six percent.

Sublingual: Two to Four Minutes

The sublingual route involves taking a few drops of CBD tincture under the tongue. At two to four minutes, as compared to ingestion, this route has a faster time to take effect. How is CBD absorbed via the sublingual route?

CBD goes to the bloodstream through the mucous membranes found in the mouth. It means that the digestive tract and the liver are bypassed, passing the “first-pass effect” and allowing more CBD to stay in the blood. Because sublingual CBD has a faster onset, it’s highly recommended for acute stress, migraines, and other types of acute pain and medical conditions.

Inhalation: Three Minutes

Inhalation is an appealing way to take your daily CBD dose using a vape pen. CBD vape juice is available for this purpose. This method has better bioavailability because of its rapid absorption.

When inhaled, CBD directly passes the lungs, specifically in the alveoli or lung cells, which are tiny sacs that are surrounded by small blood vessels or capillaries.

After smoking, the peak plasma concentration is attained within three minutes, and CBD remains detected until 72 hours. It means that the effects are felt shortly after smoking or vaping.

Edibles: 30 to 60 Minutes

With edibles, CBD-infused foods and beverages, you’ll start to notice the effects within 30 to 60 minutes. CBD chewable, like cookies, brownies, and gummies, generally take longer to kick in because CBD passes through the digestive tract first before it’s absorbed into the bloodstream.

Some edible CBD products, like gums, lozenges, and lollipops, are ingested but not swallowed (remain in the mouth), in which the CBD kicks in faster as it’s absorbed via sublingual route. Before taking another CBD edible, you need to wait at least 24 hours. It’s because the desired effects may not be achieved sooner.

Also, CBD remains in your system for up to six to eight hours. The duration of CBD in which it stays in your system would depend on individual factors, like your tolerance, weight, and metabolism. You can start with low CBD dose (2.5 to 10 mg) and just increase the dose after 24 hours until you feel the desired effects.


CBD topical preparations include creams, salves, balms, and ointments, which are directly applied and absorbed into the skin. The peak effect of topical CBD administration is achieved after 90 minutes.


Knowing the onset of CBD effects would help you determine how long CBD will stay on your system with the way you take CBD. And one thing is for sure, cannabidiol doesn’t last in the body for more than a week regardless of how it was administered.

It’s unlikely that taking CBD can cause a positive drug test result because CBD products have an insignificant amount of THC (less than 0.3 percent). An exorbitant dosage of CBD oil ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams of CBD to get a positive drug test result.

Here are some tips when choosing a CBD product to help achieve desired effects:

  • Read the label and make sure to determine the CBD dosage and manufacturer’s instructions on proper dosing.
  • Before undergoing drug tests, you can temporarily stop taking CBD within 24 to 48 hours to be on the safe side, most especially if you’re unsure of the THC percentage of the CBD product you’ve consumed.


CBD blood concentrations are detectable based on different factors, such as the person’s weight and metabolism, CBD dose, and mode of administration. Generally, it’s quite unpredictable to determine how long CBD lasts, but the onset of the time you start to feel the effects of CBD is a good starting point to know how well your body absorbs CBD.