We often do not plan for pain. Just like every form of discomfort, pain usually sneaks up on us unannounced, leaving us highly discomfited, traumatized, and preventing us from going about our daily activities.

Several therapies and devices have been developed over the years to alleviate or completely cure the pains we feel in our bodies, and one of them includes the vibrating foam roller.

What is a vibrating foam roller?

A vibrating massage roller often looks like a vibrating massage ball; this ball is powered by a rechargeable battery that powers the vibration. Other brands often have different modifications as there are somethat are shaped to look like a power drill. It is sometimes referred as vibrating massage roller

How do they work?

When turned on, the device uses the technology to produce vibration on whatever part of the body they are applied.

Who can use them?

Everyone can use them. Vibrating foam rollers can be used by all individuals from athletes to office workers.Pregnant women and children also are not left out.

So, let’s explore the benefits of foam rollers and the role it plays ineliminating muscle pain.

  • They break up body tension

Athlete or individuals who work in an environment that requires sitting on a spot for long hours, standing or much more intense posture alteration are more likely to suffer muscle pain than the rest of the population.

These postures we adopt have an effect on our body and when they are retained for a long time they are responsible for the build of tension in our muscles.

Not only is tension not good for our bodies, but it also hampers our day to day activity. This is why a vibrating foam roller is the best device that can be used to break up this tension and ultimately eliminate muscle pain.

  • They address sore spots

If you are into extreme activities like mountain climbing or construction, your body tends to develop sore spots. 

Sore spots are often a resultant effect of stress on the cells of the muscle.When they are found all over the body, especially in parts of the body that are used for intense activities, they can make living unbearable for the individual.

With a vibrating foam roller, these sore spots are massaged and well-tended by the vibrating effect of the foam roller.

  • Improve flexibility

Flexibility is impeded by tense muscles, and tense muscles occur from stress, wrong posturing, pregnancy, and many other factors. 

For many years now, athletes and others have been using the vibratory powers of foam rollers to improve the flexibility of sore muscles.

The more the use, the more the flexibility. They are effective for the muscles of the hands, leg, abdomen and they can be used before workouts to warm up the muscles and after a workout to make the turgid muscles flexible.

  • Increase blood circulation

Vibrating foam rollers can be regulated to high and lows, and these vibrations send messages to the vessels to contract.

When these muscles contract, more blood flows to the concerned part making the muscles warm and receptive.

From experience, many people claim that this is as effective as warm-ups like running, jogging and skipping.

The demerits

They might be trendy, handy and effective but there are much more reasons why most peoplewon’t use vibrating foam rollers, check them out.

  • Too costly:Due toseveral factors like functionality, size, quality, and design,  most vibrating foam rollers have a considerable price tag attached to them.Their prices range from a few hundred dollars and above.
  • Could be discomforting: Some users have described the effect of using a vibrating foam roller as very discomforting.Some even mentioned that it made them want to poop.
  • Small size: The disadvantage regarding size is for individuals who would instead prefer larger vibrating devices that can give general body massageinstead of a single muscle massage.  


Vibrating foam rollers are trendy and handy and they are also beneficial.Much more than eliminating body pain, they can also help with motion, relieve stress, and improve circulation. 

Either you want to warm up your muscles before a workout or relax them afterward, remember to go for them.