Do you want to change the old activity mirror? Are you thinking of installing the gym mirror for your workout sessions by yourself? A gym wall mirror not only enhances the space but also gives a professional look and helps you in your workout sessions. Installing a gym mirror by yourself is a tricky process, but it can save you lots of money. Here, I am going to discuss some important steps that help you in the installation process.

Part 1 Gathering the Tools Required Before Installing Your Mirror

Step #1 – Select a place
Before doing anything, you should decide where you want to hang your mirror. An activity mirror comes in various sizes so that you can select the one that is suitable for you. 3 & 4 feet are the standard widths, and 6 & 7 feet are the standard lengths. A single kit can contain 1, 2,3,4,5 and 10 mirrors. Make sure you have left some space over your mirror for hanging clips.

Step #2 – Gather Tools

You need some tools for installing a gym wall mirror by yourself. If you are buying a brand new gym wall mirror, then you don’t have to buy any tool except for an electronic stud finder. The activity mirror kit comes up with all the necessary tools and items. If you are using a second-hand wall mirror, then you have to buy some tools such as

  • J bar
  • Mirror Glue
  • Mirror Clips
  • Drill Machine
  • Styrofoam padding
  • Electric stud finder
  • Some extra screws

J bar or anchor screws give firm support to the bottom edges of the mirror. You need almost 2 mirror clips for the top edge of the mirror and anchor screws for installing them all. Make sure you are using high-quality mirror glue; otherwise, you will damage your new gym mirror.

Step #3 – Cleaning of the Wall

Before starting all the installation steps, make sure you have completely cleaned the wall with the cleaning agents. You can use wipes, alcohol and other cleaning products for this purpose.

Part 2 Next Step to Install the J Bar

The next move is to follow some steps for installing the J Bars at the right places.

Step #1 – Identifying Studs

The first and most important step is to find wall studs, and you can use an electric finder for this purpose. Slowly slide the electric stud finder along the wall where you are going to place your activity mirror. Whenever a stud finder indicates a stud, it glows red light. You can mark these spots with a pencil for remembering it. If you are not able to find wall studs even with the electric finder, then you can use special anchor screws. These screws are specially made up of this type of wall.

Step #2 – Making of Guide Line for J Bar

Mark the spots on the wall at the bottom edge. If you don’t want your activity mirror touches the floor, then make sure you are installing it 1ft up from the floor. For this purpose, use a measuring tape and mark the spots after every 6 inches. Remember to mark the end and beginning of the wall space. Use a wall level ruler and carefully connect all these marks. Make sure the level of your line is straight and use a light pencil to trace it. You can also make holes for the screws between the intervals of the straight line.

Step #3 –  Connect the Line of J Bar and Make Drill Holes

After completing the wall mark session, your next step is to drill holes for J Bar screws in the wall. For placing the anchors in their place, you can use a hammer. Make sure you are using the drill that is the same size as your anchors. Hold the drill firmly in your hand and apply little pressure when you switch it on. Place the J Bar along with the guideline and the screws that you have already installed.

Part #3 Installing Mirror

  • Carefully determine the space for clipping your activity mirror. And for this purpose, you can divide the width of the mirror into 3.
  • Carefully load the gym mirror into the J Bar and make marks for mirror clips.

(Note: ask someone to hold the mirror for you as it is difficult to do this on your own)

  • Lift the mirror carefully out of the J-bar and install mirror clips. You can use a drill machine for this purpose
  • Always hold the drill machine little perpendicular to the wall. Make sure you are drilling the same size of clips as your anchor
  • This is an important step; carefully apply the mirror glue at the backside of the mirror. Make sure you do not have spread the glue near the edges of the mirror.
  • After applying glue, place the activity mirror back in the J Bar and screw the anchors in their places. Use the drill machine for this purpose and make sure you are holding the mirror in one place.

Last Words

This installation procedure of the gym mirror might look difficult, but it is not. The installation of the gym mirror is a little time-consuming task, just make sure you do it all with great care & patience.