With the growing number of cars on the road, it is understandable that car accidents are bound to happen. And you know, until you are way too lucky, it is very difficult to avoid injury after a car collision – minor or major. You can know about the injury if you are bleeding or have pain in your body. But car accidents don’t always come up with the injuries we all perceive: broken bones and blood flowing on the road.

Some injuries don’t hurt immediately and take time to show their existence – sometimes hours, days, or even months. In some cases, such a delay can be fatal! That’s why you should go for a detailed check-up after ending up in a car accident even if you don’t feel any pain or damage. Early treatment and diagnosis can save you from big-time trouble that is most likely to occur in case of delayed diagnosis of a car accident injury.

Here are given some common injuries you need to watch after getting into an accident because they might take time to surface:

Body Muscles Injury:

If your body undergoes a severe jerk after a collision, it can damage the body muscles and tissues. Usually, ruptured muscles and tissues cause severe pain in the body. But some ruptured muscles are hard to diagnose right after the accident, like internal organ’s muscles. They don’t show themselves until things start going out of hand. That’s why you should see a chiropractor after an accident, significantly if your body has experienced severe jerks.

Neck Injury:

One of the most common injuries people face due to a car accident is when a sudden jerk violently moves your neck back and forth. These sudden jerks cause sprain that might also stiffen, tear and/or stretch neck muscles and tendons. You might not realize immediately that you are facing a whiplash issue, but if you ever experience stiff neck, neck pain or back pain after an accident, consult a doctor.

Brain Injuries:

Besides neck injuries, whiplash, i.e. sudden head movement, or when your head strikes something forcefully can cause brain injury, called TBI (traumatic brain injury). Sometimes, it causes internal brain bleeding that is hard to diagnose, and sometimes TBI affects the brain’s function in the long run. Like, the person starts losing memory, becomes dull, or show change in personality. The best practice is to consult a neurosurgeon if anyone has undergone concussion. But if you haven’t, then don’t waste time once TBI symptoms start surfacing.

Psychological Damage:

People with weak nerves mostly end up in psychological issues after getting into an accident. They might get phobia of cars; getting on the road might make them nervous, or they might also have bad dream where they see themselves getting into the accident again and again. This situation is called as post-accident trauma, and it can make a person abnormal if this situation is left untreated. If you face any change in your psychological condition after getting into an accident, consult a psychiatrist for an early recovery.