Having a healthy liver is vital to living a disease-free, active, and happy life. The first thing you need to do in your journey to have a healthy liver is to take a vaccine for liver diseases such as hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Having a liver disease can impact your lifestyle in more ways than one and if left undiagnosed, can be fatal as well.

Thankfully, there are many preventive steps you can take to not only avoid liver diseases but also to control or cure it in case the liver disease already exists.

In this article, we will explore some of the proven tips that would help you keep your liver health at optimal.

Watch your weight

One of the most common liver problems these days is the fatty liver disease that is caused due to alcohol intake, improper diet, and obesity. If you are overweight and regularly consume unhealthy foods, you would have a fatty liver too. You need to maintain an optimal weight to ensure that your liver functions properly and not subjected to additional pressure caused due to improper diet and extra weight. Losing weight would also help burn a good portion of the liver fat.

Watch your diet

You need to make sure that you stay away from high-fat foods, saturated fats, fried foods, refined carbohydrates, junk foods, high-calorie meals, and an excessive amount of sugar intake. Your diet should contain high fibre foods, low-calorie dairy, good fat, fruits, and vegetables. Drinking lots of water is also essential. It is okay to eat out once in a while, but unhealthy food consumption should be highly moderated as it is one of the biggest reasons behind weight gain and liver diseases. Exercise Regularly.

Regular exercise is beneficial in helping you lose weight, and in the process, induce the burning of triglyceride fat from the liver. Exercising regularly will not only get you in shape but would burn fat from the liver, transforming your fatty liver to a healthy liver. It would reduce the risk of liver diseases and other health complications that may have been birthed from the fatty liver.

Avoid toxins

Exposure to insecticides, aerosol products, harmful chemicals, cleaning agents containing harmful toxins, and additives, can have adverse effects on your liver. You need to limit your exposure to these products, and when using aerosol products, wearing a protective mask is a good idea so that you don’t inhale any of the harmful toxins. Also, smoking is known to be one of the common reasons that can cause liver disease and also have a negative impact on other vital organs.

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption kept to the bare minimum is essential for proper liver health. If you do not watch your alcohol consumption, rest assured it would scar or damage your liver to the point that you may end up needing a new liver. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to terminal liver diseases that can cause death. So, understand and consult with your doctor on the amount of alcohol you can take without risking your health or you may have to choose to quit drinking altogether.

Substance abuse

The use of illicit drugs such as hash, cocaine, crack, marijuana, and others, contain a lot of harmful toxins and additives that are not good for health. The use of these drugs not only impacts other vital organs severely but can also cost you a liver disease. It can potentially be life-threatening if not checked or stopped at the right time. Substance abuse can irreparably damage the liver, and it would not only impact the daily life of the person but may also decrease the potential lifespan. By all means, say no to drugs.

Don’t share personal hygiene items

Using personal hygiene items such as nail clippers, toothbrushes, and razors can be dangerous to your health. It is because these hygiene items tend to carry blood that may not be seen by a naked eye. The blood these items carry may be contaminated and may cause health issues, including liver disease. 

Don’t use weight loss pills or follow fad diets

There are many diets out there that promise a drastic drop in weight, and the market is filled with weight loss pills that claim to offer quick results. Stay far from diets that fluctuate your weight and capsules filled with ingredients harmful for your liver and overall health.

The best way to keep your liver healthy is to eat well, sleep well, and watch your weight. Do not drink or smoke and make sure to exercise regularly. If you are fit and healthy and can manage your stress levels, rest assured your liver’s health would be just fine.