When one hears the word, “calculator”, a portable device comes to their mind. The portable devices which are in common use by the students nowadays. The simple calculators became advanced and developed into the scientific calculators. As the technology advanced and internet access became so common that people could easily use it on their cellphones and laptops, the calculators became advanced too.
The age calculator is being used at a great percentage by people for a number of different purposes. Now many people when hearing the word, “age calculator”, simply get confused of how an age calculator can prove to be helpful and in calculating the precise age of human beings. 

1- How does this calculator help calculate one’s age in different units?
Age calculators tend to provide a lot of information regarding the age of one. The calculator needs values as simple as your complete date of birth, which includes the date you were born on, the month of your birth and the year. After requiring all such information, the calculator brings before you the values such as.
– Your age in years,
– Your age in months,
– Your age in days,
– Your age in hours,
– Your age in minutes,
– Your age in seconds.

The values calculated by the calculator are precise and accurate. You can verify the results using the formulas present too.

2- How does this calculator help with historical events and their spans?
People who opt for history as a subject, find this calculator to be super useful. This calculator simply calculates the span of when a historical event took place to this certain day that one is calculating the value. It can also compute the desired value in seconds, minutes and hours.  Instead of doing the math to calculate the span especially when one has to calculate a huge span in between, the task becomes quite complex and one might not be able to go accurate every time.

Moreover, this tool can also be used to calculate the ages of historical people. It can help know how long a certain person lived and also how long his rule lasted. 

On a whole, this calculator just saves a lot of time that one might spend using different formulas especially when it comes to making a timeline. It is commonly in the use of history students. Denoting the age in different units has never been so easier and faster. Moreover, one might make mistakes while using the formula but this calculator provides about 100% satisfaction rate which means no bugs and no errors. This calculator makes your task so much easier and yes, FASTER and ACCURATE. 

Also, one more factor worth admiring about this calculator is that it is very simple to use. It does not require any personal information such as emails and names which might make one uncomfortable and hesitant about using the calculator. However, to make it easier for you, we have provided the way to use the age calculator. 

Let’s just first take a look at the basic outlook of the calculator.
Okay, the tool first has the bar containing the information which it asks to calculate the desired value. This bar includes your date of birth which must be exact, and also your time of birth. However, if you do not remember your time of birth then you don’t have to worry because it is optional.
The bar requires only these 2 vital information’s. After this, the next bar is the work of the calculator. 

The next bar includes all the necessary information that it calculates such as your birth in days, months, years and etc. It can even calculate the value in minutes and seconds. The second column with this bar includes the information about the duration left for this event to repeat again i.e. the birthday. But it does not require any additional information for this purpose as it can calculate all these values by the help of the same information. 

There are now online calculators which tend to help calculate the BMR, BMI, pregnancy due dates, Ages and so much more. These calculators have simply made calculating values so much easier and simpler and one does not need to spend minutes on different complex formulas to calculate a value that might not be as precise. The calculator is absolutely free. It does not need any registration or using fee. The calculator also does not ask you to sign in on it in order to make use of it.