If you’re reading this, chances are you have discovered the power herb that is Kratom. But, before you go ahead and buy it, it’s important you know certain essential things. One of those things is the different ways in which to take kratom. That’s what this guide is about. So, let’s see what are your options.

Is There A Best Way To Take Kratom?

There is definitely more than one way in which you can take kratom, but the best way will eventually depend on your personal preferences. At this point, it’s essential to mention that some people are inclined to smoke kratom much like cannabis. However, that’s totally a bad idea. You should never smoke kratom because that’s not what it is intended for.

So far, the most popular consumption method has been in the form of ingesting the powder. It is called ‘toss and wash’. This method allows kratom to be absorbed by the body and many will start noticing the effects as quickly as within half an hour. But, don’t bet your life on it. Depending on your previous experience with kratom, the quantity of dose, tolerance levels, quality of the product, etc. it may take longer for you to see any true effects. 

The effects can last anywhere between 3 to 6 hours. It’s also important to know that different strain types may have different intensity of effects. You may want to try a couple of those to see which one works best for you. But, remember to always start out with low kratom dosage to avoid any unexpected effects.

It’s good to keep a notepad in which you can write down different dosages along with the range of effects you experienced, how long before they kicked-in and for how long the results lasted. Be sure to measure each dose accurately. Also, don’t make the mistake of taking larger doses thinking it will offer more optimal experience because that’s definitely not true. Remember, when it comes to kratom – less is more.

Take a Look At Different Ways To Take Kratom Powder 

The first step in this series is to get yourself comfortable with kratom. That begins with making sure you buy it from a reputable vendor. Kratom Crazy is definitely an excellent place to buy different types of kratom powder and capsules from. You may want to check that out. Let’s now talk about how you can go about consuming it.

Taking It With Juice

This method may be particularly good for first-time users who don’t know what to expect in terms of taste. Pineapple, cranberry, and orange juices are supposed to be ideal options. Grab your favorite cap and put kratom in it. After that start pouring the juice. 150 – 200 ml should suffice. Now start stirring the juice until you feel kratom powder has dissolved fully. You may want to wait a couple of minutes before the juice has fully absorbed the powder. You can now drink your own juice preparation.

The Good old ‘Toss and Wash’ Method 

The name itself gives it away as to how to consume it. Most people prefer this method over any other fancy ways to consume kratom. That’s probably because of the quickness and simplicity of this method. All you need is a glass of water. You basically take the powder on a spoon, quickly toss it in your mouth, and wash it down with water. If you want you can go with juice too. The key is to wash it down quickly before the powder begins to settle down on the tongue. Although there may be a bit of an aftertaste even with this method.

Quick Note – Never use soda to wash down kratom powder.

Kratom tea

You basically take the required kratom dosage, put it in a mug along with sugar/honey. Next, you add a tea bag of your choice followed by pouring of hot water. Remember not to go overboard with water. Feel free to add a dash of milk for more authentic tea-like taste. To make iced tea, feel free to add some ice cubes. Just remember to keep stirring it so kratom doesn’t settle down at the bottom.


Although they are more expensive than powder, capsules are best for people who don’t want to deal with the often strong taste of kratom. Other than the fact that they are super convenient to use, they are also easy to carry around, which is one of the reasons some may prefer them. 

How Long Before Kratom Begins To Kick-in?

Truth be told, there are no specific time frames in which to expect the effects to become apparent. It could be 20 minutes or it could be an hour. As already mentioned, a variety of factors control these things such quantity of kratom consumed, type of strain, etc. The effects of many strains are highly user-dependent. Therefore, it’s important that you be realistic and try out a few doses to establish a timeline.