An overwhelming 80% of Americans experience back pain in their lifetime. Back pain may occur from a variety of different processes and is not a disease. It is one of the most common reasons people see a doctor. There can be many general causes of back pain, the most common being bad posture, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, muscle strains or sprains. Some serious causes include spinal stenosis, sciatica, spondylosis, sacroiliitis or slipped disc.
You should remember that severe pain does not necessarily mean there is a severe problem. Sometimes, going to a physiotherapist or chiropractor for back pain works magic. However, even if multiple sessions do not help, you should see a specialist.
Good news is that often with a change in lifestyle and habits, you can be relieved of your back pain. Here are some useful tips to prevent your back from hurting :
  • Sleep well and the right way
Sleeping well always works wonders and helps keep diseases and problems away. Healthy sleep helps to reduce stress, and you feel active throughout the day. It can also improve concentration and productivity. More importantly, it is only after a good sleep that you are relieved of your pain and aches.
The position you sleep in is also important, as a wrong position may give you back pain and cause your neck to twist. Back sleepers should place a pillow under their knees and side sleepers between their knees.
You should also choose your mattress wisely. It is best to choose a mattress that is in the range of medium to firm as soft mattresses push your back out of alignment.
  • Maintain a healthy weight
Maintaining a healthy diet is key to keeping a lot of problems away. Not only do you feel better throughout the day, but you also keep your weight in check. Heavy weight or obesity can also be a cause of back pain, as those extra pounds can stress your back.
Your diet should be healthy and include a lot of fruits and vegetables and should be low in processed foods. This helps keep your weight in a healthy range and your back healthy.
  • Maintain good posture
Bad posture is one of the leading problems of back pain. Most people have poor posture in their daily activities, putting unnecessary strain on their backs.
One should keep a right amount of curvature in the back which gets the pressure off the nerves and reduces back pain. Getting a chair that is designed to keep your back straight when you are sitting works well. While standing, make sure that you are standing straight, with your ears over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hip joints, and your hip joints over your ankles. This helps in keeping the back straight and pain-free.
  • Keep your back muscles strong
Exercising helps you stay fit in addition to giving you that extra energy through the day. Sitting or sleeping too much can stress your back and it is important to do exercises that focus on your back muscles and make them strong. There are many yoga poses for strengthening the back.
In addition to exercise, you should stretch regularly, especially before your workout. Stretching is important for avoiding back problems. It is also a key part of recovering from a back injury. If you suffer from chronic back pain, stay away from strenuous physical activities.
  • Always carry less weight
Have you ever thought that ultra-heavy backpack or purse of yours might be giving you back pain? Yes, that extra weight on your shoulders puts a lot of burden and stresses your back. It’s time to check your bag and take out items that you don’t need. Sometimes we are lazy to take old things out and keep filling our bags with new items.
Whenever and wherever you can, you should leave your bag at home and carry money in your pocket or just the wallet.
Now that you know of these effective tips buckle up and incorporate these habits and changes in your lifestyle. It might be that you are already suffering from back pain and looking for a chiropractor in MD, and it is true that sometimes back pain is chronic and goes away with these sessions with experts.