As we age, we always find ways where we want to preserve our younger looks and try to hide out those faint lines that are starting to appear to your face. Then you start seeing your friends or some relatives who have been maintaining a younger-looking face because they chose to go under the needle and now is looking amazing than they were before. 

Surely, you may have already started researching what Botox Alpharetta clinic you are going to get your Botox injections, but before you do that you will have to do some more research about Botox first.

Some Facts You Need To Know Before Getting a Botox Alpharetta Clinic Appointment

Fact No. 1 – Botox is a neurotoxin that will be injected to your face

If you have only heard about Botox, but does not really know what it is made out of, Botox is a cosmetic injectable neurotoxin that is already a much-diluted form of Botulinum Toxin. This toxin is found in the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum

Because it is already in its diluted format, it can now be used to relax your muscles that are usually found in your forehead, in between your eyebrows, and around your eyes. The reason is that if you will temporarily block the local nerve impulses to specific muscles within your face, you will not be able to make certain facial expressions, so you will not be forming any wrinkles that come with it. 

Fact No. 2 – Injecting Botox is safe when done correctly

It might be a little bit daunting when you think about having a needle going toward your forehead, in between your eyes, or at your eyebrows. However, you should not worry because Botox is already FDA-approved, and it has also become a very common and even highly-requested procedure. 

Right now, Botox has been commonly used for cosmetic reasons but it also helps in alleviate a slew of other types of health concerns. In fact, Botox has first been approved in the year 1989 in order to treat blepharospasm of the eyelid, and now, Botox can be used to treat hundreds of medical conditions including excessive sweating and chronic migraines.

Botox has only been approved for cosmetic purposes in the year 2002 and ever since there have already been millions of people who have undergone Botox procedure safely and effectively. Even so, it is still important to keep in mind that Botox is safest when it is being administered by a board-certified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. 

Fact No. 3 – There is no magic age to have Botox done

There are already younger patients who have been jumping into the Botox bandwagon in the hopes of the procedure being a preventive measure by getting it even before the wrinkles start to appear or deepen. 

This is the reason why dermatologist cannot really recommend as to what is the perfect age to get a Botox treatment. Since, the treatment will be dependent on the goals of the patient, the facial expression of the patient, and the preference of the patient. So if the patient is so conscious of the wrinkle that appears on his or her forehead, then it might make that patient happier if the wrinkle will be taken care of. Botox can help in preventing this from happening and it is almost never too early to start a good anti-aging regimen. 

Fact No. 4 – Botox will not make you look frozen

There are Botox critics who say that once you get a Botox treatment you will lose all the personality from your face because you will be left with less range of motion when you try to laugh, or get angry or be upset. Although it is true that some of your movement is going to be restricted, having a moderate amount of Botox can still allow you to have a reaction and be able to communicate in a lively way. 

Indeed, Botox is responsible for the relaxation of the wrinkle-forming facial muscle at the sight of the Botox injection, but, Botox does not really affect other facial muscles that are being used for the overall facial expression. 

Fact No. 5 – Botox not really eradicate wrinkles

It is essential that the patient should have reasonable expectations after getting the Botox experience. It is important to know that Botox is not going to get rid of all the wrinkles on your face – it only gets rid of wrinkles that are made from expressions. Botox also helps in the improvement of the appearance of these wrinkles by relaxing the muscles, but it does not really get rid of static wrinkles that are visible at rest when one looks in the mirror. 

So, if those types of wrinkles are bothersome for you, then you may want to talk to your dermatologist about getting a laser treatment that can help in soothing them out. 

Fact No. 6 – Botox is actually a brand name

If you must know, Botox is just one of the neurotoxins that are available on the market. There are other next-level neurotoxins that are also FDA-approved – Dysport which was approved in 2009, and Xeomin which was approved in 2011. But, they still originate from the same strain of bacteria, and thus, it also works the same way. 

Even so, Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin still have some nuanced differences. Xeomin is a purified neurotoxin which is also known as “naked molecule” because this does not contain any extra surface proteins the way that Botox and Dysport do. So, this almost pure neurotoxin migrates deeper into the skin and it also works faster and poses less risk of an allergic reaction. 

Dysport, on the other hand, spreads a little more than Botox, so this is good if injected on areas that would otherwise need multiple injections. Dysport also kicks fast as compared to the other two, so the effects will then show in just about two to three days as compared to the seven to ten days with Botox, and five to six days with Xeomin. 

You can try all three types of neurotoxins (but not all at once, of course!) so that you can really evaluate what truly works for you.