CBD is being used for a variety of issues that deal with humans and animals.  In the last five years, there has been a lot of research on the effects of CBD, especially when it pertains its use for pain management.  People are using CBD more and more and there are pros and cons to the use of it, let alone whether or not it is conducive for people to rely on it.  

People are finding that cannabidiol (CBD) assists them in dealing with chronic pain, nausea, sleep disorders, and more.  CBD is used successfully by people with multiple sclerosis (MS), arthritis, joint pain, ADHD, Epilepsy, and a host of other diseases and ailments.  In Health.HarvardEdu.com states, “CBD is commonly used to assist with anxiety.” This means, that people are finding relief from the use of it and it is shown to benefit them in many ways.  

CBD comes from the hemp plant and it is safe to use.  It is also frequently referred to as medical marijuana.  The CBD does not cause a high so to speak because it is a natural component from the hemp plant.  People are able to take it in the form of a pill, capsule, powder, and topical form. When humans use CBD, there is no chance of developing a dependence on it and the side effects are minimal, if any at all. 

The efficacy of CBD for pain relief is not well known as of yet but it has been seen to help many people.  Their struggles in their daily lives are less intrusive and destructive when they use CBD.  Using the CBD allows them the relief from pain that they desire so that they can think and act properly.  They are able to handle their problems in a better way too. A lot more research needs to be completed to determine if it is actually a cure for pain or if it is masking the amount of pain that people feel because of its ability to relax a person.    

The US Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) is watching over the research that is going into CBD use.  This will allow professionals in the medical industry to understand the efficacy of the CBD for pain use in a better way.  One of the studies has to do with serotonin receptors and how CBD works with this for the reduction of pain in people and animals.  The American Academy of Pain Medicine wants to see a lot more research completed on the use of CBD and its effects so that it can be regulated in a better fashion.  This will have a huge impact on how people are able to purchase and use it in the future.  

Side effects of CBD can include fatigue, nausea, and irritability.  Some of the manufacturers of CBD are claiming that it is a cure for cancer and a variety of other nonsensical claims.  This is why more research in the field is needed and it will happen in due time. With the research studies that are currently in progress, more funding is needed to determine whether or not the CBD being used for pain is beneficial or misleading.  Since so much is unknown, as of now, the use of it is legal depending on what state a person is buying it in.  

While people use the CBD regularly with great results, the scientific information does not definitely prove the actual ease of pain from the use of it.  People with anxiety, pain, and depression are seeing that CBD assists them in a lot of ways but the proof is what is necessary for the scientific field. For now, people are mixing the powder form of CBD into their drinks, taking capsules or pills or using a topical lotion to get the effects that they want.  They know that the CBD helps them in dealing with their chronic pain and they are happy with that. In CNet.com, “In the future, it could be found that CBD alone can relieve pain.”        

Using CBD for pain will continue to increase in popularity.  People are finding that it does assist them in controlling their pain and that they are enjoying the benefits that they find from using it.  They are able to complete their necessary responsibilities in a better way when they suffer from ailments that cause them undue pain. Since they are also assisted in their sleeping patterns, CBD allows them to get the rest that they need in order to cope in a better way.  All in all, the uses of CBD continue to be numerous offer fantastic hope for people but also scrutinized by the scientific field because the lack of proof that is necessary to say that it is definitely the answer for those that experience pain on a regular basis.