HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that supports the development of a normal egg in a woman and stimulates the release of the egg during the ovulation period. It supports the normal routine of an ovary. HCG is used to cause ovulation in women and treat those who are infertile. It is even used to increase sperm count in men. The hormone gonadotropin is also used as a home pregnancy test. The HCG is therefore, also used as a diet or a weight loss method, especially for women after pregnancy. The diet uses a combination of a low-calorie intake and an HCG in order to achieve weight loss. 

How Can HCG Be Taken?

HCG can be taken either through shots or through drops. HCG drops are often referred to as oral HCG, whereas the shots are taken from an injection and are referred to as non-oral HCG. The intake depends upon the doctor’s claims.

Options 1: HCG Shot

The HCG shots are said to be having a load range of benefits. They are a powerful way of supervising the HCG as hormones goes directly into a person’s bloodstream without any need to process the body’s metabolism. The HCG shots or injections are taken once a day, and not more than that. They don’t even require preservatives. They are convenient and the outcome of HCG shots is faster than those of a drop. The HCG shots are often administered as a fertility drug. Their initial role is to treat infertility and these shots are given in this case. 

What Happens When You Take the HCG Shot?

The shot is given under the skin or a muscle and is done under the instructions of a doctor or nurse. It cannot be just bought at home and taken there without any professional medical supervision. You cannot self-inject HCG, especially when you don’t fully understand how to give them. The HCG shots raise the blood levels of HCG as they are taken in directly. The shots are taken on interval levels instead of being taken often. This is because too much of the shots can have a negative impact on the person. The shots are expensive, and it is important that the equipment used in order to inject HCG is highly cared for. It is important to make sure that the needles and syringes are kept in a special container. When you are disposing off the HCG shots it is better that you first put it in a container and then throw it. Do not put them directly in a trash can as it can be bad for the environment around. Also make sure that you don’t have HCG shots on an empty stomach. If you do so then your body will think it’s starving, and this can make you sick very easily. Although, the HCG shots are there for weight loss it is better to take care of your body too while you are at it. The shots are high dosed and must be handled with immense care. Along with the shots, doctors often recommend a diet plan that you must carefully follow in order for these injections to be effective. Butter, oil and sugar are the things that must be avoided, but you must be encouraged to drink lots and lots of water. Mineral water, coffee and tea are recommended to drink. 

Option 2: HCG Drops

Apart from shots, HCG drops are also available. Many people believe that the HCG drops are not as effective as HCG shots. They believe that they don’t get the same level of HCG as injections. This is a myth. The drops consider the same level of HCG in them as an injection would. They are also effective just like the injections and they get the same hormonal dosage as injections do.

Why Take HCG Drops Instead?

The HCG drops are less painful than injections. You don’t have to inject them in a muscle, and they don’t hurt your body as they don’t involve a needle. Unlike, the HCG injections, the drops are not expensive. They are simple droppers and do not involve sophisticated equipment like a needle or injection. In order to take an HCG shot it is essential that you have an actual HCG powder with you that you are going to inject. The HCG powders are very difficult to find and the ones you do find cannot always be relied upon because they might not be as authentic as an actual HCG. For hcg diet drops, you do not have to worry about the HCG that is in it. You do not need a powder form as it is already there. This saves the time and the inconvenience brought by HCG shots.

HCG drops are even easier to take. You do not need to follow a specific set of instructions, nor do you need professional help from a doctor or a nurse in order to consume it. It is much simpler to take. All you have to do is place the HCG drop under your tongue and allow the HCG to be absorbed therein. However, you do have to take them several times a day, unlike a shot that is taken at once. Normally, you have to take 5 drops of the HCG dropper around 3 times each day.  

Proper Use of HCG Drops

The HCG droppers must be kept at a place that is not very warm. If the color of the dropper changes then it is advisable to see a doctor instead of using it. It is also important to make sure that your HCG drops are authentic and for that you need to consult your doctor before using them. You are advised to keep the HCG droppers away from light, moisture and heat. 

The HCG drop is always a powerful alternative to HCG shots. It is simpler and cheaper. You don’t always need a doctor visit while consuming them neither do you need to get a prescription for it. While taking HCG drops it is better that you avoid the ones that contain actual hormone. If you take anything else, then the results won’t be as effective as they would have been otherwise.