Tooth cavity or tooth decay has become an increasingly overwhelming phenomenon that has metamorphosed into a threatening and dangerous health issue that is checkmating the quality of our lives.

One would expect that in this time and age, coupled with the unbelievable strides in technological advancement, that we as humans would have found proper or lasting solutions to our tooth decay problems…!

But unfortunately, the reverse is the case. Instead, the more advanced we get, the stronger and more imminent the danger gets. Which then begs the question—what are we doing wrong as a race? Or is there a cure out there that is being hidden from the general populace by the giant figures within the healthcare industry in order to expedite more sales and profit for themselves?

In order to answer that, I will have to borrow wisdom from a popular and holistic dentist in NYC in which he explains that the problem is that people view the tooth cavity as an isolated case that is exempt from other parts of the body.

Nothing can be further from the truth than that belief system. He goes further to explain it by saying that the teeth are designed to stay strong and healthy throughout the existence of our human lives. Because the body knows that without strong and healthy teeth, we won’t be able to process and digest food properly.

Have you ever asked yourself this question.—why would nature plan for us to have failing and disintegrating teeth?

So the main problem or should I say the main culprit lies in our nutrition, which lends itself to the popular saying; “you are what you eat.”

Tooth decay is not a consequence of nature; nor does it have anything to do with ageing, but rather is a result of human error and poor food choices.

There is no doubt that we now live in a fast-paced world, with jobs that are constantly demanding of us and barely giving us the time of day to even take good and proper care of ourselves. And this stress has subjected us to eating the so-called modern or junk foods that leave us at the mercy tooth decay.

Do not let anyone fool you; the one and only solution to having a healthy mouth is your DIET. There is no other perfect way of maintaining a sound and strong set of teeth. When you eat too many processed foods like flours and sugars, you are wreaking serious havoc on your body.

Insulin levels spike, cortisol goes up, and the normal flow of parotid gland hormone changes, resulting in cavities. When too much sugar is consumed, the hormones that control tooth mineralization changes for the worst.

When you eat healthy foods, your body, in turn, produces adequate hormonal balance —which engages the tooth into a process called mineralization—which in lay man’s terms—just means the process of maintaining and building a fit tooth structure.

Let’s dive into two more misconceptions about having healthy teeth and what you can do or shouldn’t do in order to have a strong and active mouth.


There has been this long-standing assumption or theory that bacteria and viruses are the primary root for all diseases—including tooth decay. The concept of bacteria being the major culprit became cemented in our minds as a result of the work of one Mr Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)—who is known for the invention of pasteurization. 

In his works, he proposed that pathogenic bacteria live outside the body, but when our body’s immune system is down, bacteria can invade our body and cause disease.

Pasteur’s hypothesis has remained the status quo in spite of the huge evidence today that indicates that bacteria don’t invade people, but rather that they evolve and change based upon their environment.

Food Choices

Eating good food is about connecting with what nourishes you. You must make very healthy food choices in order to maximize your nutrient absorption and tooth remineralization. 

Cavities appear for a reason, and people with holes usually do have certain food habits. let’s quickly take a look at a town in Texas called Hereford, popularly known as the “the town without Toothache.” 

Owing to a pioneering work done by a dentist known as Dr. George Heard in 1942 (author of “Man Versus Toothache.”) In which he stated in his own words: “after a newcomer has lived in Hereford a few years, provided he had drunk lots of whole raw milk, he develops resistance to tooth decay. Even the tooth cavities which he brings with him when he comes to Hereford will be glazed over if he drank raw milk.”

There is extreme value in consuming raw grass-fed milk in all forms. Now, apart from the distinct nutritional value raw grass-fed milk has on your teeth, it is also of immense value to your general state of health and well being.

grass-fed milk is very high in the minerals calcium and phosphorous, which is very much needed for healthy teeth and strong bones. Four cups of milk provide about one gram of calcium and one gram of phosphorus per day—which is basically a significant portion of your daily requirements of minerals needed for a healthy tooth and bone. 

Moreso, the fat portion of the milk contains very meagre quantities of good fat-soluble vitamins which consists A, D and even vitamin C.

According to Dr Heard’s years of observation—people drinking four cups of excellent grass-fed milk per day will be immune to cavities, especially when consumed in different forms such as clabber, cottage cheese, buttermilk, yoghurt, etc.

Good Soups

Healthy soups and homemade made broths are one of the most potent medicines for tooth decay. A survey of the diet of the people in the Swiss Alps who were mostly immune to cavities suggested that they had broths almost every day of the week, which was made from boiling cartilage-rich bones of chicken, beef, fish and so on. 

An excellent broth is usually rich in gelatin (which is very instrumental in healing and rebuilding your digestive tract). It also enhances nutrient absorption. The best bone broth for tooth decay repair is one made from the carcass of wild fish. The corpse ideally should have the head, and it is even better when it has all the organs.

In summary, one more point will be emphasized when tackling the issue of tooth decay, and that is the issue of blood sugar in relation to its fluctuations within our bodies and how they play huge roles in tooth decay.

When blood sugars fluctuate, the calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood topple along with it. White sugar instigates the most significant blood sugar fluctuations, which generally lasts for approximately five hours. While fruit sugar provides fewer fluctuations, but the blood sugar still remains out of balance for five hours.

The reason you don’t want all these fluctuations is that it can increase blood calcium. This happens by calcium being pulled from your teeth or bones depending on which glands are strong and which ones are weak in your body. The calcium and phosphorus ratios in your blood are negatively affected over time by blood sugar fluctuations. 

The combo of stable blood sugar levels and the adequate ranges of calcium and phosphorus in the blood gives rise to immunity to tooth decay.