Here you are, looking to eat a burger and possibly wondering which one to go for. One thing for sure is that all of them are mouthwatering, and if possible, one would devour all of them at once.

Choosing only one burger is not easy; nonetheless, whichever you go for, the burger reviews in Australia will give you some delicious burgers and will hit the right spots of your taste buds.

The challenge that most burger lovers face is how to eat a burger properly. Is it okay to eat with your hands or use cutlery? Would like to figure out the best way to go about it?

If you are wondering which the best way to go about it, you are in the right place. Let us look at some of the food etiquette tips on how to eat your burger.

  1. Use your hands

Using your hands to eat a burger is one of the most enjoyed ways to devour a burger all over the world. If you want to enjoy every single bit and piece of the burger, then this is the way to go. All you need to do is ensure that you hold the burger correctly to avoid it from spilling. How you hold your burger is dependent on the size of the burger too. Before digging in, however, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid getting sick.

  1. Cut the burger into pieces

Another perfect way that you can enjoy eating your beef burger or the classic cheeseburger is by using cutlery. Well, this might seem like a long way to go, but it is one of the most sophisticated methods. Again, depending on the size of the burger, you can cut it to sizable pieces. Make sure that the parts are not too big or too small. They should just be manageable for ease of eating.

  1. Using both cutlery and your hands

Perhaps you first tried eating using the cutlery, but it reaches a point you feel like it’s taking too much of your time, always feel free to dig in with your hands.  If the burger is too big, you can cut it into pieces and use your hands to enjoy the delicacy.

  1. Keep the napkins close to you

Whether you choose to eat your burger using your hands or cutlery, the chances are that you will still make a mess. And that’s precisely why you need to have napkins close to you. In case of any spills, you can easily wipe them out and continue enjoying your meal. The napkins can also come in handy as you can use them as wrappers for your burger too.

  1. Watch out not to put too many condiments

Ketchup, mayonnaise, chili, and mustard are some of the condiments that you can add to your burger to make them more delicious. However, be sure to add them sparingly. Why so? Well, this will help you reduce the spills while eating your burger. However, if you feel like you need more of the add-ons, the choice is yours!