Aging is part of the human process, but who says it has to come with all the age-related health issues that are usually identified with it? The truth is when the right type of physical therapy is done, and in the right amount, you can get to age gracefully.

Experts equipped with the right physical therapist skills come in handy here. These are specialists famed for maximizing the quality of life by offering patient education, recommending the correct exercise dosage, and proffering hands-on care.

Here are a couple of things your physical therapist wished you knew and could apply to make the most of your aging process. This way, you can yet have a brighter smile anytime you cut your birthday cake.

You can get stronger as you age

Absolutely yes! With the right exercise program, research clearly shows that you can have an improved aging life. This way, your physical organs and strength are at their best. This even gets better even as you age through your 60’s, 70’s, and possibly, your 80’s.

Progressive resistance training is one type of exercise that helps prevent frailty in that it helps build muscles so it can stand against the resistance that opposes strength.

Surgery or Drug Not Necessary

One common sickness associated with aging is low back pain. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon to see those who age perpetually taking drugs to wane the pain stemming from their back, and some even opt for surgery.  However, loads of scientific evidence shows that physical therapy is a far less risky option, and with better results. Just get the befitting specialist armed judiciously with the right physical therapist skills. You are good to go!

Exercise a Viable Option

Over 50% of Americans of minimum 50 years are suffering from weakness of the bones. This is a condition known as osteoporosis. So rather than wait till you are over 50 to start having this condition, you can start now to exercise, as your bones desperately need it.

Exercises such as dancing, walking, jogging are fantastic for your fitness. Activities that keep you on your feet, and resistance exercises as well, such as weightlifting can help in keeping your bones healthy and preventing bone loss.

Exercise your Heart

The leading cause of death amongst Americans is heart disease. However, research shows that exercises can help prevent heart diseases and other forms of cardiovascular diseases. Also, if you have been diagnosed with a heart condition, some exercises can also come in handy in keeping you fit.

Reduce your risk of having Diabetes

Diabetes is a nightmare across the world. Over 70 million Americans are said to be living with this disease, but only about 21 million are aware that they have it. The possibility of having Type 2 diabetes notably can be reduced by indulging in physical activities.

In Conclusion

Health is wealth, and the ability to keep a healthy lifestyle is one way to enjoy aging. When one is sick or dealing with an ailment, there’s a tendency that the person will tend to age faster.

So, you owe it to yourself to start now. Now is the time to take care of your heart, brain, bones, and all your physical organs. Yes, physical therapy is one way to make that happen.