Influenza virus causes contagious infections in our respiratory organs and is known generally as flu. Symptoms of flu can be seen for around a week in the patients. These symptoms can be in severe form for two to three days. Even, the patient may feel weakness, cough, and fatigue for another week during the recovery.

The five most important things that can help you to recover fast from Cold and Flu are listed here and are being followed by many people. Let us read them all to protect ourselves and our dear ones in the changing weather.

  • Take rest by staying at home and consume an adequate amount of Fluids

In Cold and Flu cases, doctors suggest that the body requires rest. Taking complete rest provides the body time to heal. Sleeping or taking rest make your body relax and improves the immune system of your body to combat the flu. Take the medicine before you sleep and spend some time moving here and there. Sleep for enough time to have the required rest for the body.

Watery and juicy beverages can help you in preventing the dehydration in your body caused by cold and flu. These drinks convert viscid phlegm into the watery mucus. Such mucus can be coughed out easily. Consume hot drinks with ingredients from the medicinal plant to treat the flu. The medicinal plants have anti-viral properties and can be effective in fighting the virus in your body. Consuming hot drinks also prevents bronchitis to occur.

  • Steam inhaling

From an early age to modern age, we all are guided by our grandparents and parents to take steam when you get infected by the cold and flu. Actually, the hot humidified air enters our nose relaxes the congestion process. It also works the same way into our lungs. The process is beneficial to improve the breathing process. The specialist from Brisbane suggests you take a hot water bath daily during the flu. Keep your hot water on until the bathroom gets filled up with the moist stream. You will feel better and the nostrils will open and let you able to breathe easily.

  • Consult your doctor and take prescribed medicines

Cold and Flu needs to be treated properly, otherwise, you may have to face its worst impact on your body. You need to take the medicines in early-stage like paracetamol or the latest nasal decongestants. You can take cough syrups as well for sore throats. But it will be better to consult your local doctor like Brisbane doctors and take medicine at the proper time with proper instructions.

Giving aspirin to young ones under 19 years of age can be dangerous. It is always recommended that you must first consult your doctor before taking any medicine. Lozenges are the best option to treat the sore throat in cases of cold and flu.

Take antibiotics as per doctor’s recommendation as flu is a viral infection and it needs to treated properly.

  • Try out exercise

This might sound weird but it is an effective method if your infection is above your neck. This means that if you have a cold and cough but there is no fever or any ache in the body, you can try moderate exercise. This will sweat out the sniffles and you may get rid of the cold-like infections easily.

But if you are suffering from fever and other cold symptoms, then the exercise is not recommended. You should not stress your weakened body in this case. It will result opposite and you may have to deal with the prolonged infection. It is better to wait for some time and give adequate time to your body for rest and fight against the virus by strengthening your immune system.

  • Try Saline solutions

Saline solutions, especially in nasal sprays or drops open up the nose and can help you breathe easier.  Pour few nasal drops or spray the solution in the nose. Once you blow out the mucus and saline, you will feel better.

Another way you can use the saline solution is gargling. Gargling with the warm water, mixed with saline solution in it, helps to soothe the sore throat!  Both methods are used to clear the infection and let the organs do their work properly.

Adopting all these tips will give ease during your hardest sufferings due to flu. You will notice a quicker recovery by implementing the tips. While you implement these tips, you still have to take precautions. You must cover your mouth during traveling or coughing, cover the nose with the handkerchief while sneezing, as you may infect other people around you if you do not cover your mouth.

It is advisable to visit the chest physician if your cold and cough are taking worse conditions. Like if you experience, wheezing, vomiting, high fever, hoarseness of voice, you must consult the doctor at the earliest to prevent other harmful symptoms.