Anxiety is an emotion where the patient shows tension and worry. Mild anxiety is easy to assume as normal behavior. When the levels increase, however, it becomes a medical issue and you are advised to visit a doctor. Anxiety disorders cause fear, nervousness, and worry. They interfere with normal behavior and emotion processing. Heightened levels result in physical changes as well. Mild anxiety is hard to detect but severe anxiety alters the total functioning of the body and mind. Making you seem and behave in a totally different way. Anxiety affects a large percent of the population but only a very small number of people opt for medication. There are normal anxiety feelings which do not necessarily require medical intervention. However, severe anxiety feelings which alter the body functioning become a medical condition and calls for immediate treatment conditions.

Normal anxiety Vs Anxiety disorders

Once in a while, you become anxious. When you face dangerous situations like accidents which trigger you to feel worried and fearful. In such scenarios, you experience a change in normal body functioning and sweat more profusely or have increased heartbeat. In cases of danger, our bodies produce a chemical known as adrenaline which makes you either think of running when faced by safety threats.

Anxiety disorder arises when normal anxiety prolongs and heightens causing physical symptoms such as nausea. Anxiety is caused by a wide range of factors. Overindulgence of some drugs can lead to anxiety issues. Read more about such drugs more easily on the online medical journals and the websites.


  • Family background. People in a family with a background of anxiety issues are at a higher risk of developing anxious feelings.
  • Drug overuse. Overindulgence of drugs whether prescribed or for leisure interferes with normal body functioning. As a result, causing anxiety.
  • Withdrawal symptoms. After indulging in hard substances such as hard drugs and alcohol. You become an addict and can’t go for a day without using the substance. An attempt to stop using drugs makes you develop withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety is one of the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Stress. This is a major cause of anxiety issues. Whether due to environmental changes, work or relationship, stress interferes with the normal functioning of the brain. Making you feel anxious. Increased stress levels have adverse effects on your health.


Anxiety is treatable through a combination of different approaches.

  • Self-treatment. It refers to paying more attention to your health. This Involves relaxing the body and engaging in physical exercise.
  • Counseling. Seeing a psychologist to help you through your tough times is advised. Having some to talk to and advise you helps reduce overthinking which causes stress and anxiety.
  • Medication. Anxiety can also be treated using medicines. Antidepressants such as phenibut can be prescribed to deal with anxiety issues.

Anxiety should be treated early before it heightens to severe levels. It is important to reduce caffeine intake and maintain a healthy diet to moderate anxiety issues. medication should only be taken on a doctor’s prescription. Since some medicines have adverse side effects which can cause addiction and as a result anxiety issues.