Unfortunately, there are some side effects that people sometimes experience when taking the abortion pill. You can find more in-depth abortion pill information on the PRC website, but here is a quick overview. The abortion pill is also referred to as medical abortion. It involves the taking of pills for the termination of a pregnancy. A doctor would prescribe these pills for you to take when going for an abortion. The prescribed pills are mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone is taken first then followed by misoprostol. These two pills, when used together, increase an abortion’s effectiveness.

The abortion pill is eligible to women who are under 7 weeks of pregnancy. You should go for checkups with your doctor after taking these pills. They have various side effects that may be experienced during and after an abortion. You may also be emotionally and mentally affected after an abortion. There are various dangerous side effects of the abortion pill you may experience including:

1. Excessive Bleeding After Abortion

Bleeding may start within 8 hours after taking the first pill. Mifepristone acts by detaching the fetus from the uterus. The hormone progesterone is blocked during this process. Misoprostol, on the other hand, acts by enabling uterine contractions. This forces it to empty.

This results in excessive bleeding. This bleeding is more than what is experienced during a period. Blood clots and tissue may also be expelled during this process. This may take between 3 to 5 hours. In other cases, it may last longer.

Bleeding may last up to two weeks. It may, however, be spotted even up to 4 weeks of an abortion. Emergency medical help may be required in the event of hemorrhaging or excessive bleeding.

2. Cramping and Pain From Abortion Pill

This usually starts 3 hours after the misoprostol pill is taken. It is experienced within the pelvic region and the abdomen. It is caused by contractions within the uterus. Pain and cramps may also be experienced after mifepristone is taken. Back pains may also be felt as a side effect of the abortion pill.  If you have questions about what is within the range of normal side effects, be sure to contact your local clinic for more information.

3. Nausea And Vomiting After Abortion Pill

It is estimated that more than half of the women experience nausea after taking abortion pills. This is caused by misoprostol. It may lead to you experiencing nausea even for 2 days.

Vomiting can be experienced after you take mifepristone. This, however, eases off within a day. Vomiting within an hour of taking the pill may render it ineffective. Consultation with your doctor may need to happen in this regard.

4. Diarrhea After Misoprostol

This may occur due to the use of medications. Loose or watery stool may be passed. This stool may be passed 3 or more times in a day. There is a need for you to stay hydrated once you start to diarrhea. You should consult your doctor if this diarrhea becomes persistent.

5. Fever And Chills From Abortion Pills

Misoprostol leads to women experiencing fever and chills. This usually lasts for around a day. There is a higher chance of you experiencing fever if this pill is administered under the tongue as compared to vaginally. Care should be taken and a doctor consulted if you have a fever of above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This may indicate the presence of an infection.

6. Headaches After The Abortion Pill Protocol

Hormonal fluctuations within the body result in headaches, weakness, and dizziness. This is caused by misoprostol. These may occur for around 2 days. Rest is critical during this time for rejuvenation. This is since abortion usually takes a toll on your system.

7. Incomplete Abortion After Misoprostol

An abortion may not always go as planned. The medications that you may take may not work as expected. This may lead to incomplete expulsion. Surgical intervention may be required during such cases. You should be keen and watch out for prolonged pain and continuous bleeding. Cramps and abdominal pains can also be a sign of incomplete abortion.

8. Continued Pregnancy After Mifepristone

During very rare cases, abortion pills may be ineffective. They may not terminate the pregnancy. This means that you experience a failed abortion. The fetus may hereby be still alive. Orally taking misoprostol increases this risk.

9. Infections After Abortion

The risk of infections when it comes to abortion pills is low. However, infections may occur during the process of misoprostol administration through the vagina. Severe bleeding, pain and high fever are signs that you may have an infection.

10. Uterus Rupture After Medical Abortion

This occurs on very rare occasions. It is caused by an overdose of misoprostol. This may happen when you are given another dose due to your previous unsuccessful abortion. This dose is aimed at helping to see an abortion through. It may, however, have serious effects by rupturing your uterus.

The abortion pill can result in termination of your pregnancy. This pill should be taken before 10 weeks of the pregnancy. It should only be prescribed by a qualified doctor. Notably, abortion may end up killing both a mother and a child.

There are many side effects that come with the use of these pills. Some of these side effects may lead to extensive and far-reaching consequences if they are downplayed. Thought should be put into decision making regarding abortion when it comes to you, your unborn child and these side effects.