Cannabidiol or CBD is currently being using by a large number of people around the world to treat certain medical conditions, many online platforms like RawChemistry are also writing about this substance. While CBD is presented as a miracle substance that treats a variety of symptoms, its usage has also been linked to some side effects and health risks lately.

There are also many issues this substance is facing right now concerning its legality, because it is the byproduct of the Marijuana plant more on this later). So, in this article we’ll try to cover some basic topics like what exactly CBD is, what are its possible uses, its effectiveness and all the pros and cons of its usage.

What Is It?

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids (chemical substances) found in the cannabis (marijuana) plant.

CBD oil is actually pure oils that contain a certain concentration of the CBD substance for a specific use. It is currently being produced in various different concentrations as per the usage needs, but the production process is unregulated.

Marijuana And CBD

Some people question the legality of CBD, as it is one of the two main compounds (THC and CBD) found in the marijuana plant, but as far as the sensation of making you “High” is concerned, the reality is a bit different.

THC is the main compound that makes you high, CBD doesn’t, and so, the usage of CBD can be legalized under certain circumstances. CBD is actually linked to various other health benefits, and it differs from THC too as it doesn’t change a person’s state of mind.

The Farming of Cannabis Plant

Since cannabis plant is main thing that provides both the THC and CBD compounds, its farmers over the years, have altered their plants to contain more percentage of the chemical they need.

From a fully grown cannabis plant’s flowers, hemp is made. Hemp is the thing that contains most of the CBD compound used in the production of CBD oil and other non-psychoactive medicines.

Effect of CBD on Your Body

The effectiveness of CBD in our body depends on the cannabinoid receptors present throughout our body. Our body also produces a certain quantity of cannabinoids on its own, and uses them for the exact same purpose we use the CBD for.

There are two types of cannabinoid receptors in our body.

  • CB1 receptors are mostly present in our brain, but are also present throughout our body. They main function is related to controlling the movement, pain, thinking, appetite and memories. The THC substance attaches directly to CB1 receptors after entering our body.
  • CB2 receptors are also present throughout our body, but these are more linked to our immune system. The regulate the things related to our immune system like pain and inflammation.

In contrast to the popular notion (that CBD binds with CB2 receptors), CBD never directly attaches with our cannabinoid receptors, instead it stimulates our body to produce and utilize more of its very own cannabinoids. So, this way, it can never produce the same mind-altering effect as marijuana.


Here are some of the major advantages of using CBD oil.

#1 Relieves Pain And Inflammation

Many people around the world are currently using medicines for pain relief, but these medications might have their own disadvantages and side effects.

CBD is now believed and used by many people as a natural treatment against pain and stiffness in the body. It also improves inflammation, which, by the way is also directly related to pain and certain other chronic medical conditions.

#2 Helps Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms from addictions like smoking, opioid addiction and substance abuse disorders can be harsh on the body. But some published researches suggest that CBD might actually help reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

Using CBD based inhalers is linked to a lesser nicotine cravings, and resultantly, less smoking.

#3 Might Help in Some Medical Conditions

Certain health conditions like cancer, epilepsy, type 1 diabetes, anxiety and acne show an improvement when CBD is regularly used by the patient.

CBD reduces epileptic seizures, and shows the progress much faster as compared to some of the other medications. A regular use of the compound has also been linked to a suppressed growth of the cancer cells in the body. When it comes to treating anxiety, using psychoactive drugs can make you an addict, while replacing those harmful drugs with CBD is often supported by the doctors too, as this won’t make you high or addicted.

Type 1 diabetes is mostly caused by inflammation, and since CBD reduces inflammation, it can actually become the first ever drug to treat the stubborn type 1 diabetes. CBD’s use has also been linked with the treatment of Acne in both the teens and adults.


There are also some possible side effects of using CBD as pointed out by some studies and independent reviews.

While there are no scientifically proved side effect of CBD on out nervous system or the brain, it might cause some conditions like diarrhea, tiredness, loss of appetite or a sudden change in the weigh of the subject.

The research on CBD is still incomplete, if you’re into using this substance, you better consult a doctor and the product from a reputable online store (as the production is unregulated). Moreover keep checking online platforms like RawChemistry to keep yourself updated with all the news about CBD and other related stuff.