When you’re feeling unwell, it isn’t always the case that you’ll immediately resort to getting a blood test, especially when you only think that it’s only a minor concern. Apart from dismissing your health concern as something that isn’t serious, you might also feel that you can heal on your own, or let the days pass by. But, the prudent way for you to do is to have a blood exam. When it comes to your health, it isn’t right for you to take any chances.

That said, here are some of the crucial reasons as to why it’s imperative to have blood tests done when you’re unwell:

  1. Your Blood Can Speak so Much of the Health of Your Internal Organs

Your internal organs have to be given priority. Without these organs, your body will not function correctly. Worse, it can even be fatal for you if these problems aren’t adequately addressed.

Doctors treat your blood like the window to your body. It’s through the blood that they can detect all the potential issues that you may be facing with your health. What you may consider as normal pain and infection can, in some unfortunate cases, be a symptom of a more severe internal problem.

Because blood tests also do not cause too much and are mostly covered by your health insurance, there’s no reason for you not to have yourself checked. Plus, common blood exams are also found in Health Testing Centers, so you have no reason at all not to have them done.

  1. Your Blood Test Can Be A Stepping Stone To More Specific Tests

Even if you have a high fever, for example, there’s no way for your doctor to tell what’s going on inside your body. Naturally, they cannot see through your flesh. For many doctors in a specialized field, blood tests are usually a stepping-stone to more specific tests that can further confirm, or deny, what their initial diagnosis was.

Because your body is made up more of blood, than of any other matter, it is but natural that medical technologists create those blood tests as a precursor to other more severe tests. Specialized doctors will also have no means of determining what specific test to perform on you if they don’t know what particular area or organ in your body needs treatment.

  1. Your Blood Test Can Help Detect Serious Illnesses

Low hemoglobin is often a sign of anemia and other serious illnesses. As daunting as these medical concerns may be, the good news is that they’re usually very manageable, as long as they are discovered and treated early.

If you’ve high-grade fever for days, there’s a high chance that doctors recommend you to order blood test online. For tropical countries, this can often be a sign of low platelet count, which can be fatal. If your doctor orders you to have a blood test, you shouldn’t immediately panic. This doesn’t immediately mean that something is seriously wrong. Sometimes, your doctors also want to be certain. Further, they need a test to back up their diagnosis to check if they were right or wrong.

  1. Your Blood Tests Can Help Doctors Decide On The Best Treatment Plan

No matter how experienced your doctor may be, they still need the help and confirmation of medical technologies to help give you the best diagnosis and treatment plans. Even if your health concerns are only minor, the key to feeling better and to heal faster is through the right treatment.

Does the doctor need to prescribe you something to help improve your cholesterol level? Or is it your creatinine level? Or is your liver properly functioning? Or, perhaps it can even be through the intake of iron-clad vitamins, to help improve your hemoglobin level.

If you’ve been recurring and visiting your doctor regularly, but you still aren’t feeling better, sometimes this can mean that perhaps your doctor failed to see a more serious internal problem, like an infection that needs to be addressed.

  1. Your Blood Tests Can Help Your Claims

This section may not be medically relevant, but especially if you’ve been absent from work, having a blood test done can significantly help you when you report back to work. You can use this blood test result to strengthen your claims for insurance or excuse from absences further, and even pay, depending on the policies of your company. Of course, this section will also be highly dependent on the local labor and insurance laws in your state or country.


Many years back, it was prevalent for patients to have aggravated illnesses simply because the doctors did not have a means of ascertaining what really goes on in their patient’s bodies. With the help of technology, more up-to-date methods of checking what goes on inside your body are now available.

Human beings are fortunate to be living in this advanced state of technology at present. Whenever you get unwell, remember the basic rule: go ahead and have your blood test done.