Coughing continuously can be very irritating, painful, and tiring. It also affects a person’s mood, efficiency, and productivity. And when it gets worse, it can cause a lot of other problems like sore/scratching throat, throat pain, etc.

So it is always wise to carry a cough suppressant whenever a person starts showing any symptoms of cold or even mild cough. Storing or buying the best cough suppressant doesn’t even require a doctor’s prescription. So it is easily available online or in supermarkets and pharmacies. In this article also, the top 5 cough suppressants of 2019 will be discussed so that no one has to waste time deciding what to buy.

CEQHFBKB DM 12 Hour Maximum Strength Expectorant & Cough Suppressant

Product Description

  • It fights all kinds of wet and dry coughs to provide you instant relief.
  • It directly attacks mucus that causes congestion and loosens and thins it down.
  • It has a long-lasting effect that lasts for 12 hours, and it starts to show effectiveness immediately.
  • A new type of patented tablet known as bi-layer tablet, which means one layer gets dissolved immediately and starts fighting cough and the second layer dissolves slowly providing a lasting effect.

Robitussin Chesty Cough Medicine

Product Description

  • If there is a kind of tightness in the chest, the reason might be thick and sticky mucus, and in such a case Robitussin is the perfect medicine for you.
  • It starts working immediately, but the effect lasts up to a few hours only so it is recommended to be taken four times per day.
  • It is safe and suitable for children above 12 years of age.
  • A dosing cap is provided, and it is highly recommended never to take a dosage above that limit.
  • Guaifenesin is the active ingredient used that works wonder with non-drowsy effects.

Herbion Naturals Sugar-Free Throat Syrup

Product Description

  • This naturally made syrup consists of herbs that work towards providing instant relief from sore throat, cough and also improve the functioning of lungs.
  • It is a sugar-free product which has a very low in calories and natural sweetener which acts as a mild taste enhancer as well as an antioxidant whose function is to improve immunity.
  • It is suitable and effective for everyone as it contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors and is also gluten and alcohol-free.
  • As it does not contain any alcohol, it does not cause sleepiness or drowsiness.
  • Large leaf ginger tree, Jujube, Borage, Hyssop, Long pepper, marshmallow, etc. are some of its ingredients which do wonders.

Herbion Naturals Cough Drops with Natural Mint Flavor

Product Description

  • It provides temporary relief from cough as the hyssop plants act towards the loosening of phlegm that gets deposited in the respiratory tracts.
  • The inflammation and irritation of the throat are soothed by the curing and cooling effect of menthol.
  • The Malabar nut in these drops possesses antiseptic properties which relieve irritated bronchial passages by thickening the mucus in the lungs.

Herbion Naturals Respiratory Care Granules

Product Description

  • All kinds of cold and flu symptoms are treated with the help of respiratory granules, which reduce inflammation and congestion from the respiratory tract by helping to break down mucus.
  • The natural ingredients present have an easing and soothing effect on the congested respiratory tracts.
  • The great mixture of all the herbs that have been in use since centuries also possesses antioxidant properties which improve the immune system of the person consuming them.
  • It is convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is carry a sachet with you and mix it in a glass of hot water three to four times a day.


As already mentioned earlier, cough syrups or suppressants can be easily found online as well as offline, but it is important to look for the best-suited one. For example, people with day jobs cannot take the suppressants which contain ingredients like alcohol; otherwise, they will lose focus and feel sleepy throughout the day. So such things need special attention and should be taken care of. In the list of products listed above, we have mentioned all the necessary information about the cough suppressant suggested.