What is causing your chronic back pain? For most, the answer is unknown. With spinal pain the most common cause of the pain is damage sustained to your spinal ligaments. But with over 220 ligaments in the spine itself, most doctors today do not know how to accurately determine the exact location of the problematic ligaments. Especially when you combine that with the fact that MRI today only focuses on 23 of those spinal ligaments called spinal discs.

This leads to a serious problem of inadequate ability to diagnose the underlying cause of pain.

So how can it even be possible to not know what the actual cause of your pain is?

The answer is simple. We haven’t been using the right tools. Let me explain.

CRMA® from Spinal Kinetics

CRMA or Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis is an advanced x-ray measurement methodology.

With the ability to pinpoint the precise injury to spinal ligaments with great accuracy, CRMA can be a very effective method of discovering the exact location of injury and lead too much more effective and long-term treatment plans.

CRMA offers:

  • An accurate ligament status report so that your treating doctor can accurately diagnose which area is the problem.
  • Results in 24-48 hours
  • No cost for the doctor or treating physician
  • An easy-to-implement system

Who Can Use CRMA®

Medical Providers, Physicians Assistants, Chiropractors, Sports Injury Specialists, Pain Management Doctors, Osteopaths, Orthopedic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons can use CRMA®. CRMA should be used to determine the precise areas of injury to their patient’s spinal ligaments.

Other healthcare practitioners can also use CRMA®, and in every case, results are necessary to the accurate diagnosis of any spinal ligament injuries. CRMA® fills the void left by MRI as it picks up the damaged intersegmental motion patterns that the MRI was never designed to locate.

Why Use CRMA?

To accurately determine the severity and location of any spinal ligament injuries.  These injuries are the number on physical cause of chronic pain.

50 million adults suffer with some form or chronic spinal pain. When you bring Spinal Kinetics’ CRMA into your office, you are bringing in a whole new level of diagnostic expertise for spinal ligament damage and spinal instability assessments.

CRMA can be implemented into any practice with a simple phone call and ten minutes of time to customize your clinic’s forms.  Send us your patient’s images and three easy forms and within 24-48 hours you will know that status of your patients spinal ligament injuries.

Getting Started

The most accurate way to diagnose these spinal ligament injuries is through stress x-rays and accurate measurements with CRMA interpretation because only CRMA picks up the excessive motion Imaging BioMarker that is consistent with a Spinal Ligament Injury.

It’s time to do more for those suffering from spinal injuries and the chronic pain.