The ultrasound machine is one of the most important devices used by specialists to diagnose various types of diseases or injuries. With its help, non-invasive examination (ultrasound) is performed. It allows specialists to make a diagnosis of internal organs. However, not everyone knows how the ultrasound machine works, and if you can’t afford to buy the ultrasound machine for your clinic, you can always rent one.

Ultrasound Machine – The Crucial Device Health Industry

Ultrasound machines work primarily through the use of ultrasound propagation and accompanying phenomena. The ultrasound system allows visualizing the structure of the patient’s body without the need to perform too complicated procedures. No wonder that the ultrasound machine can be found in most medical offices – in many cases, it’s this type of modern equipment that turns out to be an extremely easy in use and helpful in stressful situations.

The ultrasound has found its application in many different fields of medicine. It allows diagnosing diseases related to the liver, pancreas, and digestive system. What’s more, it’s the ultrasound device that is necessary to perform a very popular examination, which is the echo of the heart.

A More Detailed Description of the Operation

Now, we are going to explain the use of the ultrasound device, as simple as possible so that you know why it’s so expensive and why you should rent ultrasound machine that consists of an emitter and an ultrasonic wave receiver. The emitter sends a wave at a specific frequency towards the examined part of the body, expands it, reflects, and returns to the receiver.

This method uses wave phenomena occurring for ultrasound propagation in tissues, especially reflection of the wave at the border of the centers. The reflection coefficient depends on the difference in the impedance of the centers. The medical ultrasound uses the frequencies in the range of 2-50 MHz. The ultrasonic wave is generated and converted into electrical impulses using piezoelectric transducers.

What Determines the Cost of the USG Machine?

It’s worth knowing that ultrasound devices have been used in medicine for many years, but with technical progress, these machines are also becoming more modern and give doctors more and more possibilities. From this reason, their price increases – not everyone realizes how much the ultrasound machine costs, and on what, in principle, this price depends.

You have to realize that this type of equipment can often save lives. Hence, it’s not surprising that ultrasound machines have risen to such prices. The price increases with the technical advancement of individual models –  much depends on what functions the ultrasound machine has been equipped with. State-of-the-art ultrasound machines can cost up to thousands of dollars, while the cheapest ultrasound USG devices cost between PLN 8-20 thousands.

Apart from various types of technological innovations, the head of the ultrasound machine has the most considerable influence on the price of the ultrasound machine because it’s the most important diagnostic element. Therefore, the cost of the ultrasound machine may vary depending on the type, design, and purpose.

Rent an Ultrasound Machine from National Ultrasound

As you can see, the prices are high as well as the demand. From that reason, our company offers the opportunity to rent ultrasound machine. After determining the details with you, we will provide you with the selected ultrasound scanner at your address and at the appointed time. You can rent an ultrasound machine both for short and long-term.

Renting an ultrasound machine is an excellent solution in the event of a sudden equipment failure. While waiting for the repair of the equipment, do not cancel the visits. With our company, you can continue working on new, rented equipment. This is also an excellent proposal for doctors who have started the office but did not choose or purchase their device yet.

We deliver an ultrasound machine to the indicated address, even on the same day as the order. You can choose from the most efficient and respected companies (Toshiba, Philips, and GE.) You do not want to commit to the further purchase and use the ultrasound machine only for a given period. We also offer help in particular situations, such as rental for only one week.

Advantages of renting an ultrasound in National Ultrasound:

  • The perfect solution in case of failure of your device.
  • An excellent proposition for all those who have just opened their office and have not yet decided to purchase an ultrasound scanner.
  • The possibility of organizing workshops or courses with the device.