The interest in medical education in the United States has been growing throughout the years. Every year, over 50,000 applicants fight for one of the approximately 20,000 available spots in various medical schools across the country. It’s no wonder why – studying in a medical college in USA leads to a fulfilling and rewarding career path.

If you’re sharing these goals and interest, you should definitely learn what your best choice of a medical school is. Becoming a doctor is a life-changing accomplishment, but if you want to do it well, you should definitely try getting into the top colleges for medicine in the country.

Why Choose to Become a Doctor

Pursuing this career often sounds challenging to students. The truth is, becoming a doctor can be hard and challenging, but it is definitely worth it. It isn’t simply learning how to write a prescription or use a blood pressure machine. In fact, there are now home blood pressure machines patients can use on their own, so believing that being a doctor is that simple isn’t a good idea, either.

However, once you go through all those exams and medical term paper topics, you will finally become – A DOCTOR. You’ll help and save people on daily basis and give them a chance at a healthier and better life. The better you become at it, the more you’ll be able to offer.

Preventing and treating diseases are the two key responsibilities of a doctor. But, being a doctor isn’t just fulfilling and provides satisfaction. It also means having a big status in the society and a fat, fat salary.

Studying in US Medical Schools

Medical schools in the US have a similar approach toward training their students to treat patients. In your first year in a medical school, you’ll be introduced to the basics and study subjects like anatomy, biology, and chemistry. It sounds simple, but it is definitely not something to be taken lightly. Based on these basics, your entire studies and career will be built.

In the second year, students reinforce their knowledge obtained in the first year, but also through practice. In addition to practical courses, the student will take a course to boost his clinical skills, as well as learn about global health, health policies and technology news at BrighterGuide.

After the first two years, the student will switch to clinical rotations and clerkships and become somewhat of a member of an actual medical team. The student, an intern, will get to join rotations and learn from established doctors who practice medicine and have obtained their medical degrees. By letting students do this, the medical schools allow them to learn about the different specialties and choose what kind of medicine they want to practice.

Finally, in the fourth year, students choose their specialty and start their residency. They speak to advisors and weigh the pros and cons for each of the specialties, all in order to choose what they’ll study further and turn into an area of expertise.

It is probably too soon for you to think of what you’ll choose as a specialty at this point, but you should definitely know what awaits you. Also, it is good to be prepared for the amount of tasks you’ll get while you study in a medical school. In addition to heavy materials, exams, and practical courses, you’ll also have to write medical papers and reports on your studies, progress, as well as the patients you’ve seen during your rotations. These might show to be tough for you at first, so you’ll probably need a good writing service for Australian students. But, once you get the hang of it, you should be able to write them with ease.

The Top Colleges with Good Medical Program in the US in 2019

The medical world can be highly competitive, too. Therefore, a degree from one of the best medical schools in the country will give you plenty of opportunities, as well as a competitive knowledge that will make you an excellent doctor.

If you’re interested in learning what is the best medical school in the US, you should definitely consider these 10 amazing choices:

Harvard University

Harvard gets on the top of most lists in terms of education, including the one for medical training of students. The school of medicine at Harvard has existed since 1782, continuously working with highly qualified and experienced scholars, mentors, and physicians. Every year, Harvard University creates a new, updated curriculum to address all the needs in healthcare and procure new caregivers to shape the field of medicine. This year, their curriculum has once again, reached the first spot.

Johns Hopkins University

The popular Johns Hopkins University has been training doctors and medical professionals since 1893. They, once again, with their rich program, found their spot in the list of top schools to create new medical leaders.

New York University (Langone)

Langone, the NYU School of Medicine has yielded some amazing medical professionals that brought innovations in both science and medicine on a worldwide level. They focus on research, education, and patient care. This year, their combined strategies and advanced technology in the curriculum made them one of the most desired choices for studying medicine in the US.

Stanford University

This university is one of the leading research institutions and their medical school has a long tradition of creating excellent doctors. They are considered leaders in biomedicine and research, with amazing teaching protocols and proven clinical therapies.

University of California – San Francisco

One of the top five schools this year is the UCSF Medical School in San Francisco. They are currently ranked among the top medical schools worldwide thanks to the great faculty and the talent that graduated there. This university has taught four Nobel laureates and a huge number of highly successful medical professionals.

These are the top five choices at this moment. The remaining five include the following:

  1. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
  2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. University of California – Los Angeles
  4. Washington University in St. Louis
  5. Duke University

The Bottom Line

No matter what school from the list above you choose, you’ll definitely take a huge leap into the world of true medical professionals. These schools are the highest rated in the country for their curriculum, educational staff, as well as their success in training the future researchers in the world of medicine.

With the help of these schools, you can develop personally and professionally. The degree from each of them will not only give you a competitive advantage when the time comes for you to pursue a doctor’s career, but it will also prepare you for doing the most rewarding job in the world – saving people’s lives.

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