When you first meet someone, one of the very first things you will notice as part of their appearance is their set of teeth. Depending on the current state of your teeth, you can either make a good or bad first impression. And since first impressions last, you will naturally want to create a positive one. Remember that first impressions can easily be made simply from your teeth without you having to talk or the other person having the chance to get to know your personality.

If you are suffering from bad teeth, now is the time for you to get it all together and consult a dentist Eugene OR. One of the remedies that you might want to consider are cosmetic dentist crowns and teeth whitening. What are their advantages? Continue reading below to learn more.

  1. It boosts the aesthetic value of your teeth.

This first point is one of the most obvious and undeniable benefits that you can gain from aesthetic dentistry through dental crowns and teeth whitening. After availing of this type of procedure, the aesthetic value of your teeth will highly improve. After all, who doesn’t want perfectly white, visually appealing teeth? For sure, everyone does. When your teeth look better, you will even start feeling more confident about yourself. You will no longer have to shy away from smiling or social interactions simply because you are ashamed of how your teeth look.

  1. It is a safer and stronger option for your teeth.

Gone are the days when crowns that contain mercury are used to fix teeth. Not only have they been found to be unhealthy, but they are visually unappealing as well. Indeed, no one wants anybody to be distracted by that silver crown covering their tooth, which tends to get unwanted attention while talking.

Porcelain dentistry crowns are now the stronger and safer option because they are also non-toxic. If properly cared for, you can make this last for beyond ten years. The modern dentist crowns being used today are ceramic and made to be as durable as your natural teeth. The same holds true for teeth-whitening methods nowadays, which are usually quick and safe procedures.

  1. It protects and restores your dental tooth structure.

Naturally, dentists will not recommend for you to get a dental crown if it isn’t necessary. Most dentists will only prescribe this procedure to patients who are suffering from extreme damages or are highly threatened by decay. If you’ve also been having root canal treatments done regularly, this can sometimes lead to more profound damage for your teeth. With a dental crown, it can protect your damaged tooth structure. When coupled with teeth whitening, your set of teeth is also restored to better health.

  1. It allows you to feel good about yourself.

This is an undisputed fact: when you have any issues with your physical appearance, you can’t help but lose your self-esteem. Especially if the problem is a major one, there is a tendency for your confidence and self-image to suffer, and for others, this can lead to depression and anxiety, as well as a withdrawal from socializing and building relationships with others. This situation may seem like an exaggeration, but it really does happen. If you feel like you are one of those who are already suffering or on the road to suffering the same fate, then perhaps it’s about time for you to inquire about a dental crowning and teeth whitening.

When you suffer from self-confidence issues, it isn’t just your social relations that can suffer. Even your career growth opportunities may be drastically affected as well, simply because you may feel like you cannot take on a job because you are too ashamed to speak to people.

  1. It will improve your bite.

Did you know that your bite is very important? Not everyone is born with the perfect bite, and if you are suffering from an imperfect bite, this can lead to even further damage to your teeth. If your bite is misaligned or incorrect, you tend to exert more effort in biting simply because it becomes difficult for you to bite or chew on food normally. Dental crowning can improve your bite because it enhances the overall structure of your teeth. Hence, chewing no longer is as difficult as it used to be.

  1. It helps improve your oral hygiene.

When your teeth are rotting or decaying, this also exposes your teeth to extremely bad oral hygiene. Cavities can also be a source of germs and infection if left untreated, or if it is allowed to spread even further. When your oral hygiene is weak, it will show through symptoms like bad breath. When you sign up for a teeth-whitening service, you tend to be more cautious about your teeth, because you will want to maintain its current state, or even improve it. With this, you are more conscious about proper brushing and flossing daily.

  1. It saves you money in the long run.

Yes, dentistry crown and teeth-whitening procedures can be expensive. But think of this instead as an investment for the future. When you take this kind of a proactive approach to tooth decay and damage, you are saving even more money in the long run. Whatever expense you pay for today may be a drop in the bucket compared to the more costly maintenance and repairs that you will regularly incur in the future, simply because you have been negligent with your oral health. Instead of allowing your dental problem to escalate, go ahead and get the professional dental help you need today.


If you have always been very self-conscious about the current state of your teeth, now is the time for you to apply this solution. Although a cosmetic dental crown is quite pricey, all the costs of paying for these procedures will definitely be worth the advantages you can gain from having them done. All you have to do now is head out to your dentist at Eugene, Oregon, and give your smile that boost of confidence.